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44 Days of Witchery Challenge: Day 2 - The Athame

Hello. Today is day three of the 44 Days of Witchery Challenge. That means we’re going to be discussing the athame.

So the athame is a ritual blade normally associated with banishing of energy. 329 more words


An Introductory Note

Em hotep!

So, this is my first blog, ever. Which seems strange, because I’m on the internet 24/7.

Anyway, I set this up for the Pagan Blog Project 2014. 408 more words

My Two Shrines

Both these pictures are a little bit outdated, but they’re still relevant. The top photo is my Akhu (ancestor) shrine, and the bottom is my Senut shrine. 242 more words


My first post

On this day of Establishing the Celestial Cow (aka Moomas!) I have decided to begin a new blog devoted to my Kemetic Path. It’s largely for personal reflection and sharing experiences. 1,392 more words

The Afterlife

Many religions have a perception of the afterlife; Christians have heaven, Hindus have reincarnation. In Wicca there isn’t really a set belief for what happens when you die, I guess it depends on the individuals personal beliefs. 647 more words


The Wheel of the Year

The Wheel of the Year is a celebration of the agricultural cycle. Wiccans celebrate each point in the wheel of the year, called Sabbats, and usually put some mythology behind it. 478 more words