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The more things change...

I am no longer serving as a w’ab priest in Kemetic Orthodoxy.

I made the decision to end my service after reflecting on the changes that are coming up for me in my secular life. 458 more words

Me And My Gods

W'ab Wednesday: Ritual purity or ridiculous purity?

AKA “Yes, Netjer wants you to wear deodorant.”

When I first became Kemetic, I was obsessed with ritual purity. I was dedicated to being as ritually pure in all things as possible. 591 more words


Return to Center

I miss the sense of you beneath my skin,
fur and teeth and tail,
speaking with your language
braced against my tongue.

I pace on pavement, 92 more words

Me And My Gods

Not there yet.

Crises of faith can be funny. You can declare they’re over, and that you believe in God again with your whole heart. Your friends will pat you on the back (maybe metaphorically, if you’re long-distance). 444 more words

Me And My Gods

44 Days of Witchery Challenge: Day 2 - The Athame

Hello. Today is day three of the 44 Days of Witchery Challenge. That means we’re going to be discussing the athame.

So the athame is a ritual blade normally associated with banishing of energy. 329 more words