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Epagomenal Days 2015

Since I took the Kemetic classes last year and Bast has been nudging me for years to learn more I decided to give Wep Ronpet a go this year. 440 more words


Travel Shrine/Senut Shrine

I made this for a variety of reasons. One, I’m heading to North Carolina for a week. Two, I need something for senut that’s portable, because my room is a hellish mess. 207 more words

RPD Thoughts

I underwent my RPD on April 2nd, 2015, or I Shomu 3 in the Year of Aset. I am now a Shemsu of the House of Netjer, though I have not yet received my name and taken my vows. 903 more words

Locus of Control -- Then and Now

How has your practice changed since you started out? How did you find your place within the Kemetic sphere? Are there things you do now that you didn’t then? 647 more words

Me And My Gods

KRT: On Priesthood.

I wrote this really long post about priesthood for the Kemetic Roundtable, and then WordPress cruelly devoured it. I’m going to try to re-create it, but honestly? 346 more words


Oh, for heaven's sake...

I wrote this whole long beautiful post about being a priest for this week’s KRT – and it looks like the draft is nowhere to be found. Damn.

Kemetic Orthodoxy

On Not Learning Lessons.

In ancient Egypt, there’s this funny thing called ma’at. Ma’at is a complicated topic. It can be defined as “universal order”, or “balance”; it can be conceived of as “justice” or “right action”; it can even be seen as a kind of law of returns in it’s own way. 913 more words