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Happy Last Day of the Year!

Happy last day of the year! The final day of the year of Heru-sa-Aset. I’ll be heading off to Retreat again as of Friday. I probably won’t be posting much here, but I’ll try to share snippets on… 103 more words


What's up, Sobeq?

Whoa. So I graduated, and finished my semester teaching, and then I had oral surgery.

Which got infected, and stayed infected.

And spread into my sinuses, and stayed in my sinuses. 92 more words



Well, I did it. I finished my master’s degree in counseling. I also passed my licensing exam. Now the only thing standing between me and my dream job is a boatload of paperwork — and hopefully not too many job applications. 227 more words


Response from Paganicon in regards to Community

This is my hardest post to date to write in regards to both the content and the psychological stress. Words can really be finicky. If I put words together in particular ways, the message I’m attempting to convey can be lost, misinterpreted, or even ignored. 1,248 more words


Top Ten Tunes: #TeamWepwawet

There is an old adage that music is the universal language. Music is so deep a part of the human experience that it affects our brains in a way that no other activity or creative art does. 908 more words


Go Team Wepwawet!

So here’s the thing… you know that jackal-headed guy?

No, not him — that’s Anubis (or Yinepu, or Anoup, or Anpu, or… you get the idea). 331 more words


An affirmation for all the working devotees.

You are allowed to be busy.
You are allowed to have days when you glance at the shrine and realize you won’t have a chance to revert the offerings you left to sit overnight. 97 more words