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Amentet, "She of the West"

To continue.. Actually I didn’t find a lot about this Goddess, and, for me and for many (maybe in the Kemetic Orthodoxy view, as well), … 292 more words


Aker, "Bender"

So.. To start my research I have already some things, but there are not too much, about this Name. Actually there is too little information on this Name. 273 more words


Egyptian Deities

A list of the Egyptian Deities (A-Z), and the links on to my researches to each one of Them. In it I will include the Gods (Names of Netjer) and the helpers or other spirits (Netjeri), such as Ammit, Four Sons of Heru, and so… 541 more words


What will come?


So.. To inform you of my personal life: I know Aset is present in my life. I’m trying to praying to Her every night and I’m offering water till it evaporates. 54 more words


Welcome back to W'ab Wednesday

Note: this post contains opinion, not doctrine of any kind, and is intended as thought-provoking contemplation rather than instructional writing.

W’ab Wednesday is a series I started for writing about purity. 286 more words


Egyptian Gods Coloring Book

For anyone interested I finished my big project. I was very happy to finish this.

Egyptian Gods : Coloring Book

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The Return of the King

I felt completely lost when it came to the Mysteries of Wesir when I first became Kemetic. Wesir was hard for me to grasp, having quite a bit in common with the gods of the faith I had just left — died, resurrected, ruling in the place where dead people go — so maybe I steered clear of Him “accidentally-on-purpose”. 585 more words