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Love of the gods.

I’ll be the first one to admit that my perspective on all things Kemetic is fairly insular. I don’t look too far beyond the Kemetic Orthodox community. 547 more words


On sabbaticals.

Taking time off from serving as a priest of my deities has been one of the greatest blessings I have ever received. When I made the decision to temporarily suspend my service, I grieved a little. 244 more words


Guilt By Association

(Note:  This is a blog post that I posted over on my other blog at Niankhsekhmet.com.  I am re-posting it here in its entirety. If you’ve read it before, please forgive the redundancy.) 1,303 more words


Ten years.

2016 will be the tenth year since I was first called by my gods. I remember being new to Their worship and thinking ten years felt like an impossibly long time to be… 258 more words


Back to basics with black tea

Daily ritual has never really been my thing, so it’s odd to have managed to do a thing like Senut two days in a row. It is its own experience that’s for sure, an open invitation for which ever Netjer wants to show up, like a phone line without anyone connected. 46 more words