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Nebt-het, Consoler and Comforter.

One of Nebt-het’s many roles is as the mourning Sister of Wesir. She feels the sharp pang of His loss, and grieves his death with Aset. 448 more words


Back to Reality

Once again the year has reached its end and then its beginning, and I am returning from the House of Netjer’s annual Wep Ronpet Retreat. This year was different. 290 more words


Kickstarter Campaign for "The Ancient Egyptian Daybook: Perpetual Planner"

Signal boost: Calling all Kemetic polytheists! Egyptologist Tamara L. Siuda, a personal friend of mine and fellow priestess in the Fellowship of Isis, has 6 days remaining in… 48 more words

Fellowship Of Isis

Aten, "Sun's Disk"

Sorry for the time I was absent, but I hope you enjoyed your holidays! So.. Talking about this deity.. I’ve seen that there is a religion, called Atenism, which He is the only god, like the Christian God to the christians and catholics. 543 more words


Aset, "The Throne"

I’m more than happy to talk about this Goddess. I may even make more posts about Her.

Acknowledge that I’m writing from what I’ve searched under the internet, and had written in my studies book. 737 more words


Arsaphes, "He Who is Upon His Lake"

There’s not much on this deity but I’ll leave a good link about Him. Just have to say that the name I’m referring to is the Greek one, but His kemetic name is… 237 more words