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Concluding The Month of Wadjet

A few days ago, I officially welcomed other Netjeru back into my life.

Not that they ever left, mind you, and I certainly did not send them away. 560 more words


On “What All of This Means”

The short answer is: I have no idea in the slightest.

For those unfamiliar with the turn my religious journey has recently taken, I refer you to… 764 more words


A Cry to Wadjet - May 20, 2018

Settle my soul, O Snake Mother.

Shroud me in Your Bright and Colorful Plumage; surround me with Your Wings. Hide me from view.

Give me a moment of time to mourn, to cry, to find release – And in so doing, may I find relief, however briefly. 96 more words


On Worshiping an “Obscure” Deity

Sometimes it’s hard to be so close to Wadjet.

Not because She is anything less than amazing or powerful; not for any negative thing to do with Her. 480 more words


In Asking and Adoration There Are Answers - May 16, 2018

“Rise,” She says, “rise as I have shown you, Beloved of Mine. But when you open your mouth, let not fire come forth. Let words flow like precious water as My Flames anoint your head as if a crown.” 117 more words


On Oracular Tradition and (Super)Natural Tendencies

The question of “What does a modern-day Oracle look like?” is one I will have to answer over time, and with help from the gods. The greater question of “Do I fit into that role?” is also something I will seek strong guidance about. 951 more words


On the Responsibilities of Interacting With the Gods

Sometimes I think about how close I am to my gods.

Not everyone is, and that’s perfectly alright. Someone close to me follows the Greek gods, and has never heard a word back from them, has never received an omen, and has not dreamt of the gods. 455 more words