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[ A prayer to Bast for protection over a dwelling/property. I like to imagine a shining yellow light outlining the space I want protected when I say this prayer, and sometimes even something “bad” (I usually use shadow figures) trying to cross through the light but being repelled. 193 more words


Sobek Devotional PSA: Send your submissions in!

We’re closing in on the last six weeks-ish or so of the submission period, so if you’ve been working on submissions, or been thinking about it, now’s the time to send them in! 119 more words

In the Desert of Seth

This year between one thing and the next I have managed to have a grand total of 5 days of summer holidays, so to recoup (and to let me burn some days off before the people in HR start screaming that we should take them no matter what), my partner and I travelled to Amsterdam for some much needed downtime. 2,049 more words



After my Samhain ritual of remembrance for all the cats I’ve known and lost, I conducted an autumn-themed tarot reading (layout found here) with Bast. 752 more words



Mother, if I stop to think how many of Your children are suffering or dying right now, right this very moment, I nearly drown. The grief is an unseen tsunami and the hopeless part of me wants to get it over with, let the wave wash me out to sea. 317 more words



I need to stop being lazy and start actually recording my tarot readings and other pagan practice stuff, so HERE GOES:

I’ve been in a deep, months-long religious funk, but last week I finally knelt down at my altar and spent time with Bast. 740 more words


Happy Samhain

So tonight  is Samhain for Wiccans. But for Kemetics it’s time to honor Osiris, or Osir. Here’s a video that I made.