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Devotion to the Mother Cat

I’m now three months in to my devotion to Bast. So far things are going well – She seems to approve of my approach to devotion and is clear when She wants something done, or done differently. 453 more words



in one ear the darkelvenmage whispers to me
of frigid oceans and frozen shores
glossy raven wings and the howling of wolves
the silver sickle moon rising above jagged mountains… 45 more words


How do you know?

My spiritual path is one of craziness. I’m not going into everything on this blog but my ex showed me the new world of kemetic spirituality. 95 more words

Craft Friday: Decorated Eggs

I made this craft last year, but I felt with the spring equinox upon us I could share my rendition of this craft.  Obviously I went for an Ancient Egyptian theme so I could use them around a… 54 more words


Thinking Out Loud About Calenders

Right now I only celebrate two Kemetic holidays; Wep Ronpet (and the Days Upon the Year prior to it) on August 9th, and the Mysteries of Osiris during the last week of November.  785 more words


Is UUism just my Spiritual Safety Husband?

Th term safety husband (or wife or spouse) refers to a friend that you would consider as a suitable if less than ideal partner to marry, should you not meet the spouse of your dreams, especially by age 40 or 50.   400 more words

Pagan Communities

KRT: Priesthood Here & Now

A long long long time ago I wrote a post detailing how the priesthood existed in antiquity. At the end of that post, I had asked Kemetics to weigh in on what it meant to be a priest now. 1,465 more words