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Wherein I Visit a Psychic and Leave With More Questions Than Answers

As you can tell from my previous pieces, I’m not doing so great in the life department right now. 2,495 more words



Bast is
the shoulder to lean on
the breast to cry on
the arms to rely on
to hold on
to you


Book Review - "Aspects of the Goddess Nephthys, Especially During the Greco-Roman Period in Egypt" by Prof. J. Levai

After a delay of approximately 3 years, last month I finally decided to apply for a Bodleian Reader Card as an independent researcher in Egyptology (that’s exactly what I wrote on my application, and it felt awesome!). 837 more words


21 Day Kemetic Challenge - Day #20

Do you keep a journal for your journey and experiences?

The short answer is yes, I do.

I started once in 2015, on an app, then gave up because I couldn’t find the time, then got caught up in the bullet journal trend, even though I am a bit confused about how something so eminently practical has become an aesthetic and a “lifestyle” trend with its own cottage industry and consumerism, but YMMV. 79 more words


Wisdom from Sobek

“If you do not go out and see the world, you will not know what to bring back to the temple.”

This was part of a longer conversation about priesting roles and How To Temple. 335 more words

21 Days Kemetic Challenge - Day #18 

Are there any holidays you celebrate? Which ones?

I am a bit sketchy about the “proper” kemetic festival calendar as I don’t belong to an official temple (by choice) and I haven’t read any academic publication on the subject yet. 525 more words


21 Day Kemetic Challenge - Day #17

Do you honour the ancestors or the dead in general?

For one reason or another, I don’t have much knowledge or a good relationship with whole swathes of my extended family.

763 more words