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Tarot reading with Bast and Inanna because my brain has been in a semi-frantic state of wondering, “Am I witch? Do I want to be?? What does that mean???”. 538 more words


Sobek Devotional Update: Permission to Publish forms have been sent out!

Let me know if you didn’t get one, or feel you should have got one if you sent me something for the devotional and for whatever reason I didn’t get back to you when you did. 28 more words

Thoughts on Offerings

As a kemetic, offerings are a pretty standard part of my practice, and I think that goes for most polytheists.  We have a long historical tradition of people giving offerings to the gods, and it’s an easy way to show gratitude.  1,059 more words


Two-card tarot reading with Bast:

Question: Where am I on my spiritual journey?
Card: Ace of Pentacles
Interpretation: You’ve planted the seeds and are working hard to nourish their growth. 203 more words


Kemetic Bloghop: Show your love

Be it for the gods or for yourself, show your love!

I wasn’t sure what to do for this prompt, but then something came up that might be relevant. 133 more words


Kemetic Bright Moon 1/31

I do my Kemetic Bright Moon rituals at some point during a 3 day window around the full moon, and this time I started with the omen today (and I will likely get to the requests tomorrow).  257 more words


To Sustain Yourself on Hearts

Everywhere around me, I see death.

I don’t necessarily mean death as in, there are dead bodies around all the time (though there is a lot of literal death on this planet, too), but a death that is a bit more metaphorical: people who are living, yet very much dead inside. 2,676 more words