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Just Be you : personal update

“You can just be you.”

It is hard to be just one thing. But when that one thing is all encompassing I suppose it is not a tall order. 138 more words


Trans Day of Remembrance 2015


Water, that they may be cooled.

Incense, that they may be bathed in the scent of the gods.

Flame, that the way may be lit for them. 56 more words

Of Sacred Land (A Month for Anubis)

He asks me to know him as Lord of the Sacred Land.  Just that side of him, not to expect others.  He asks me to sit with him, just to feel that change in his energy, that it feels balanced, more… 260 more words


Why Can't Hollywood Seem to Get Ancient Egypt Right?

Earlier this week I splurged and bought the DVD set of the mini-series, Tut, starring Ben Kingsley that aired on Spike TV.   I confess, I was really excited when I saw it and got it a day before my paycheck was in the bank.   1,526 more words


42 Ideals of Ma'at

The 42 Ideals of Ma’at of the Temple of Isis
A Positive Confession for the Present Day

1. I honor virtue
2. I benefit with gratitude… 190 more words

42 Ideals Of Ma'at

Father of Winter (A Month for Anubis)

Oh you
father of serpents
you watch with pride in your eyes
as your daughter takes her throne
dressed in shimmering white, a Queen
over both night and day. 29 more words



Oh Lady, You must shake Your head at me sometimes, smiling fondly the way a parent does while watching a stumbling child. I never mean to doubt You, truly I don’t. 272 more words