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A year of writing -- personal update

This blog has been here a year.

With that in mind I think its a good time for and update.
I did many things at the beginning of this blog. 175 more words


"Knowing" They're There

Em Hotep,

The strangest thing I am coming to find, as time goes on since my RPD, is when I feel them around has changed…drastically. Before I would feel them around more during Senut, ritual, offerings etc. 279 more words


Is life after death the same as eternal life?

What do you think? Since I’m asking the question, probably not, right? Are you surprised? So was I.

In my death-crawl slog through the book… 572 more words


No moment is ever wasted -- Inspiration

Creating art is a strange and wonderful process. We can only understand it from the artist’s perspective. How we get inspiration and how it all comes together is outside our normal understanding. 219 more words


The Kemetic Pantheon

The Kemetic pantheon is another pantheon that is open in paganism. This is just a basic list of the main deities, I probably forgot some because Ancient Egyptians loved their gods. 372 more words

Witchy Tips

Kemetic Spells

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Blessed Be

The Numerical Archetype

Number is the consciousness of reality; it is sovereign, ideal, and essential to every phenomenon. Number in its qualitative state forms the archetype of every system of thought. 237 more words