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Top Ten Tunes: #TeamWepwawet

There is an old adage that music is the universal language. Music is so deep a part of the human experience that it affects our brains in a way that no other activity or creative art does. 908 more words


Slacker Gods

It is said that a lot of Kemeticism is based on reciprocity. For those of you who don’t know what reciprocity is, it’s commonly defined as “the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit, especially privileges granted by one country or organization to another.” Or in other words, I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine. 3,271 more words


Lessons from the Hare-Headed Goddess

I knew having another teacher would mean learning some new things. I had no idea how much it would kick my butt. Learning from such an old god is a blessing. 308 more words

Iryt Ra

Wenut -- Go Team!

A new lesson is on my horizon and a new teacher come forward to help me. I am blessed to have so many that would come to help me better myself. 315 more words


Go Team Wepwawet!

So here’s the thing… you know that jackal-headed guy?

No, not him — that’s Anubis (or Yinepu, or Anoup, or Anpu, or… you get the idea). 331 more words



Asexuality and Paganism (for May 2016’s Carnival of Aces)

Standing in the Kemetic section of Crescent Moon Gifts, I waivered. On the shelf before me was a beautiful statue of Bast, lithe form poised to accentuate Her curves and hint at the sensual, playful side of this goddess of felines and motherhood. 889 more words


Hills of the Horizon: A Defense of Sacred Kingship

Several years ago, I took a trip out into the sticks for a Beltane ritual. Some folks out there needed a May Queen, and through a sequence of coincidences I happened to be both available and qualified.

59 more words