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The Argument Against Polytheism – Part 2

In the previous post I argued that polytheism is a bad career path because the “gods” of polytheism are blurry mirrors of our flawed natures.  I argued that according to the Bible, these gods are created, rebellious servants of the one God.  955 more words

Relationship With God

Creation is an act of love

Creating for gods and spirits is a somewhat energy zapping process.

It is not something that really feels unnatural or comes to you like a lightning bolt to the head. 288 more words


here’s to the goddesses with war in their bones
with blood on their hands and lies on their tongues
here’s to the goddesses who sunder and rend… 111 more words


The Argument Against Polytheism Part 1

It is said that if God did not exist, it would be necessary to create him.  This speaks to the need or desire for something greater than ourselves.  1,175 more words

Relationship With God


these disparate strands
Mother, teach me how to weave
that I may be whole


A year of writing -- personal update

This blog has been here a year.

With that in mind I think its a good time for and update.
I did many things at the beginning of this blog. 175 more words

"Knowing" They're There

Em Hotep,

The strangest thing I am coming to find, as time goes on since my RPD, is when I feel them around has changed…drastically. Before I would feel them around more during Senut, ritual, offerings etc. 279 more words