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The unbelievers ask, Where are the gods? If they really existed, wouldn’t they intercede to stop our wars, our destruction?

To them I want to throw my arms out and say,  158 more words



So I did a tarot reading last night. I have felt that Wepwawet has been watching over me lately and I wanted to do a reading to identify Him officially and ask what He wanted from our connection. 565 more words



[ I wrote this prayer in response to the Trump administration’s reversal of the transgender youth bathroom directive. It could easily be adapted for someone who IS trans and wants to invoke this protection personally, of course. 145 more words


#domagick: The Crook and the Flail

So, I’ve been thinking about what to do for this particular challenge, and reading back over one of the last scenes I wrote for my NaNo last year involved Isis calling my protag to the temple to help them begin to heal from all the shit they’d been through. 198 more words



I close my eyes and imagine a room. The whitewashed walls are open on three sides, the high ceiling supported by curving columns decorated in painted carvings of plants and leaping animals. 486 more words


Rounded with a sleep

For a long while now I’ve been trying to come to terms with mortality – both my own and others’. This process probably started with my fiance’s sudden death back in 2009, but it was something I was still in denial about until friends and friends-of-friends (most of whom were my age or younger) began dying as well. 1,300 more words


Last Chance Sale

Just a quick reminder that my last chance/clearance sale ends tonight at midnight (11:59 PM Eastern Time) and then all the pieces left in that category will be taken down and the beads, etc. 111 more words