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Kemetic Bright Moon and Sailing Holiday

As I have been doing since the Kemetic New Year in August (Wep Ronpet), I did oracular work for the community on the occasion of the full moon.  251 more words


Their comfort and encouragement

Today I was upset, and crying with worry over a family member who has not been well. Having nowhere else to turn, I turned to my gods for comfort, and they did comfort me. 187 more words


Here, have an entry that's not about the Sobek Devotional

Gods, it’s been a good, but crazy year. A lot’s happened. Like A LOT. I guess this is what I get for picking ‘courage’ as my word of the year. 772 more words

PSA: Sobek Devotional - LAST DAY TO SUBMIT

Okay, so technically, it’s nearly 2018 here in Australia, but I’ll be a bit wobbly with the timing because time zones. BUT STILL.

If you have sent something in and haven’t received a reply (or you asked about something and I never got back to you), let me know! 104 more words

PSA: Last few days to get your Sobek Devotional submissions in!

That’s right, we’re down to the last four days! If you’ve got anything at all you want to submit to the devotional, SEND IT IN NOW –> sobekdevotional@gmail.com… 31 more words


There’s a War on Christmas – In My Heart

Oh Christmas, what a strange holiday you have become. Some say you have your source in paganism, others in Christianity, and still others curse you as a capitalist conspiracy. 928 more words


Happy Winter Solstice 2017!

Happy Winter Solstice to all folks in the Northern Hemisphere.

I am not sure all Kemetics celebrate this holiday, but today for me is the day in which Ra in Their form of Atum, the Eldery Winter Sun, is at the nadir of Their Power and needs the most help against Their enemies. 122 more words