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my body is history, mythology, fantasy
my hands have dragged sailors to their doom
my feet have danced to sistrums and chanting
my heart beats the blood of every virgin sacrifice… 104 more words



Who would have thought, that little me would find You?

That I could reach out, in childishness and excitement,

To find Someone there?

You hear me, You see me, silent and salient. 123 more words


Month of Written Devotion

So, The Jackal’s Dance’s post reminded me that this was happening. I’ll be participating, although I’ve had a lot going on today so I’m going to post today’s and tomorrow’s tomorrow. 46 more words



dua Bast, The Light Bearer!
matches leap eagerly to flame in Your presence
dua Bast, Eye of Ra!
shadows flee from Your golden approach
dua Bast, The Fiery One! 19 more words



My religion supports marriage equality. Surprised?

To be more specific, my patron deity supports marriage equality. My goddess is a goddess of joy, of love, of freedom. 172 more words

Pop Culture References

The Minoan Taweret

Today was a day for Taweret, and I decided to write about two articles I enjoyed reading some months ago. Taweret is a hard goddess to grasp – She had an enormous cult across households, but such a limited temple cult, and there’s not a lot of research about her. 1,144 more words


KRT: Living La Vida Not-So-Loca - Old Blog Post #5

Living Kemeticism: What does living your faith mean to you? How can others bring their religion into their day to day life or live their religion? 1,127 more words