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Writing Classes and Bumpy Brain Maps

When I was approached about possibly teaching a class at the local Pagan store in the regards to Kemetic mythology 101, I was excited and ecstatic. 791 more words



For long I’ve had this blog sitting around, empty, and I have had the urge to write posts in it but have never had the inspiration or courage to start. 245 more words


Kemetic Orthodoxy, Druidry, and Muddling Through

I keep going back and forth about going through the Rite of Parent Divination with Kemetic Orthodoxy.  I think to not do it is to choose the harder path (not necessarily better), but if I’m wavering this much then I’m not ready.   442 more words


KRT: Flyin' Solo

When your practice leaves the beaten path: what happens when the gods throw you for a loop? What do you do when the gods present you with a situation that doesn’t seem “normal” for a Kemetic? 1,490 more words


Making Scents of it All

I have been highly sensitive to smell for a very long time.  I don’t remember it in my earliest spiritual memories and I cannot really identify when this first started happening, but essentially it means that “someone” is around.   703 more words


Walk Like an Egyptian

This was my first original post on Shades, so I wanted to include it in my new blog, especially because it gives a great introduction to the Names who eventually acknowledged that they were, in fact, in my life: 539 more words