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People > Gods

I remember seeing posts a year or two ago from various Piety Posse members who were attempting to draw proverbial lines in the sand. In these posts, they stated that they didn’t want certain people in their religion. 1,702 more words


Re-discovering my Crocodile Smile!

It has been so long since I’ve had any contact with Sobek, and I have really missed him!  He started coming around for visits shortly after my “Bob” incident, and he provided an incredible amount of moral as well as mental support.   402 more words



I’m very frustrated right now. My health is back and forth rather constantly the last month. I’m not even sure what it could be anymore, although currently MS fits the bill best. 819 more words

Daily Life


Dua Anpu, Lord of the Sacred Land!
Dua Anpu, Guardian of the Dead!
I ask that You guide your kin safely through the trials to come… 87 more words



Dua Bast, Lady of the East, of the Flame, and of the Truth.
Dua Bast, Vengeful Eye of Ra and Protective Mother Cat.
I pray to You this night for the protection of all Your children; 104 more words


The Cat is Out of the Bag

In the spirit of Wep Ronpet and new beginnings, I have officially made a public announcement about being Kemetic Orthodox.  My plan had always been to let it come out naturally, but circumstances change, and it was really time.   949 more words


Devo's Burninatin' Celebration: 2015 Edition

With each passing year I have found that my Wep Ronpet festivities are less about the Epagomenal days, and are becoming more and more about Set and execrating things and calling it a holiday. 1,663 more words