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The goddesses who have sought me out are so different from me. Bast and Inanna both are goddesses of love, of sensuality and sexuality, of hot desert days and cold desert nights. 197 more words


Mysteries 2015, Pt 2

A month ago I locked one of my patron deities in a box. Shortly beforehand, he told me to spend the month of solitude “taking care of myself.” I didn’t like this idea, as I had mentioned in my… 1,009 more words



I don’t know if I’ll see you again, Little Flame, and the thought breaks my heart. I’m sorry I can’t be by your side while you struggle to live. 204 more words


#1701 - 2015 Book List

[ I read a total of 76 books this year. As you can tell, I was on a bit of a cat kick thanks to becoming a follower of Bast – but I managed to fit in quite a few queer books too, as well as some Classics and even some poetry. 637 more words


2015 in Review

Another year over (in the secular calendar, at least – the Kemetic year isn’t quite halfway done yet). I’ve been thinking about writing a post looking back over the past twelve months for a few days now. 573 more words


Hello Kemeticism!

So, with a turn around hour of less than 60 minutes I have discovered Kemeticism (God I feel so afraid of accidentally making Muppet references) 318 more words


in sharp feline eyes
knowledge of the ages burns
pure divinity

Lady, transport me
to the time Your children ruled
not man’s cruelty

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