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Wesir's Day again

Okay, I haven’t been completely honest with you guys. I saw the doctor a few weeks ago and I was assured that physical stress, not mental stress, makes my mono worse. 457 more words



I don’t know you, little one, and you don’t know me. You will probably never even read these words, but I am sending their ripples out in the hopes you may feel their touch. 191 more words


Shrine photos

Okay, folks, I promised you photos last time, and here they are.

My shrine resides on top of a jewelry armoire. The lid can be opened, but that section holds rings, and I almost never wear additional rings besides my wedding, engagement and engagement anniversary ring. 499 more words


The Internet Lacks Object Permanence

Over the years of interacting with people over the Internet, I’ve noticed that many people online seem to lack some amount of object permanence when it comes to other Internet users. 1,424 more words


Devotion, maybe

Way back in this post and its comments, I discussed the details of the Daily Rite of my temple, Per Ankh. Next to “Pour the rest of the natron in your bath,” I put “(optional).” I did this because my teacher said I could get away with just doing the mouth rinse. 244 more words


A Shrine for Traveling

I love boxes. Boxes are so useful for holding things ever-so-nicely, and they look nice when they’re all stacked up neatly. I have so many decorative boxes laying around my house just waiting for the right… 1,105 more words



Perfection is a tricky thing. When used in moderation, it can drive us to do better and become better. When used poorly, it can cause us stress and create problems in our lives. 1,433 more words