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Leah Remini, Scientology, and the experiences that define us

When I saw the November 16 issue of People magazine on the stands at my local pharmacy, I looked at the cover and thought, “Hey, I might be able to get a blog post out of this.” 298 more words


What an earthquake taught me about discernment

Arizona is not known for it’s earthquakes. In fact, Arizona is probably not known for much in terms of natural disasters. However, earlier this month, 703 more words



Oh Lady, You must shake Your head at me sometimes, smiling fondly the way a parent does while watching a stumbling child. I never mean to doubt You, truly I don’t. 272 more words


Why I quit the Unitarians

A few weeks ago, I attended my last Unitarian Universalist service.

At first, the problem was that I was going to church more often than I was doing rite. 394 more words



Dua Bast, Lady of the East, of the Flame, and of the Truth!
Dua Bast, She Who is Without Equal!
Dua Bast, Fierce and Protective Mother Cat! 193 more words



In my dream I stood in a square room, close by an open doorway beyond which a hallway ran perpendicular to the room. Behind me I could feel someone standing, watching me to see what I would do. 266 more words



You were in this land too, weren’t You? Under a different name, a different guise, but You were here all along. Instead of arid desert sands You stalked temperate forest floors; instead of standing at the banks of the great river You stood on the shore of the great ocean. 149 more words