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The Backward Face

In Egyptian mythology, Seth-Typhon is often considered to be the enemy of Osiris and Horus. This is accurate insofar as Seth (1) drowns and dismembers Osiris and (2) has a feud with Horus that lasts for a ridiculously long time. 1,048 more words


The Case for Social Justice in Ma'at

Discussions regarding what is and is not a part of ma’at, the central focus of the ancient Egyptian religion and the modern reconstructions of said religion, have proliferated over the years. 3,813 more words


The Great God Seth

I don’t claim to know what Gods really are. They could be sentient preternatural beings that intervene in human affairs; or They might just be powerful symbols that we use to hypnotize ourselves into coping with our fears. 625 more words


The Only Choice

This week has been a long, hard week.

Like many of you, I spent Tuesday night pensively watching the election results flow in. Like many of you, I spent Tuesday night feeling worse and worse as more and more of the US map was painted red. 1,142 more words


Lights in the Dark

Once upon a time I wrote about how accessing the astral is a bit like punching a hole through a membrane. In this metaphor, I had created a scene where the Unseen and all of its trappings are on one side of a very thick membrane, while we all live in the Seen on the other side of the membrane. 1,311 more words


Creation is an act of love

Creating for gods and spirits is a somewhat energy zapping process.

It is not something that really feels unnatural or comes to you like a lightning bolt to the head. 288 more words

The Importance of Stability

I feel that all of my astral travel has really given me an appreciation for some of the difficulties that gods and spirits probably face when trying to interface with our world: 1,919 more words