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The deities have something to teach us about diversity (plus a quiz!)

There’s very often an assumption that diversity causes discord. The view that the more beliefs, cultures, opinions and ways of life exist in a society, the more likely it is that conflict and crime will arise. 665 more words


Devo's Burninatin' Celebration: 2015 Edition

With each passing year I have found that my Wep Ronpet festivities are less about the Epagomenal days, and are becoming more and more about Set and execrating things and calling it a holiday. 1,663 more words


Wep Ronpet 2015!

Happy Wep Ronpet, Kemetics!

Today was Wep Ronpet according to the Kemetic Orthodox faith. Even though I have been spending some time solo with the Kemetic gods, I did complete the beginner’s class and am technically a member of KO. 269 more words


Wep Ronpet or...Happy new year!

This year i celebrated Wep Ronpet. In ancient egypt, it was the new year’s day, which coincided with the rising of Sirius (Sopdep). So, to calculate it exactly, you have to know when Sirius will rise. 1,258 more words


Why did Xenophanes condemn Homer and Hesiod?

Xenophanes is well-known for having condemned the human image of the gods, saying that Thracians picture their gods as white with ruddy hair and Ethiopians as black with snub noses, and that if animals could sculpt, their gods would have animal form. 624 more words

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A journey

I’m feeling the need to start writing about me, about my practice, about what i’m  doing.
I had a blog, on another site. Here, i gathered together some information about kemetism, and paganism in general, like a small, available notebook to leaf through. 670 more words


Silent Gods

It’s pretty safe to say that most of us spend our lives unaware of the layer of Unseen that penetrates the world around us. We don’t have access to a lot of the goings on in the Unseen, and so we don’t really notice the spirits or other entities that may be around us at any given time. 1,344 more words