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Examples of how God communicates with us

Many people assume that our communication with God is basically a monologue, with us doing all of the talking, and God rarely, if ever, responding. I believe God is constantly communicating with us, although, if we don’t have faith, our receivers aren’t turned on. 596 more words

Walking With Herb

The Four Domains of Leading Like Jesus

Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges state, “leading like Jesus involves the alignment of four leadership domains: heard, head, hands, and habits” (31). This post will be a simple explanation of each of those domains. 236 more words


Trying right

It might be my long-ago past as a wrestler, but I’m a big believer in effort. The willingness and ability to try hard for a sustained period of time makes a huge difference in what we can accomplish. 416 more words


The A, B, C’s and D’s of Trust

We’ve all heard the saying that “People don’t leave companies–they leave people.” In fact, research even shows that the primary reason people leave a company is due to lack of trust in their relationship with a manager or supervisor. 541 more words


Great Leaders GROW - Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller

“I know I have a long way to GROW.” – Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller

(And yes, that’s a direct quote.)

If my supervisor hadn’t put this in the stack of books she thought might benefit me, I never would have read Great Leaders Grow: Becoming a Leader for Life. 365 more words