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Don’t Let Your Ego Stop You from Becoming a Servant Leader

More than 6,300 people have registered for our Servant Leadership in Action Livecast coming up on February 28.

That’s a lot of people!

I think the event is popular because people recognize we are in desperate need of a new leadership model—one that recognizes that people lead best when they serve first. 602 more words

Behavior Change

Coaching to Get Out of Your Own Way

When an organization invests in coaching for their leaders, it is often because they want to move the leader from “almost ready” to “ready now” on promotion lists. 583 more words


Servant Leadership: Moving from Mindset to Skill Set

“A servant leadership mindset is all about focusing on others rather than yourself,” says bestselling business author Ken Blanchard. As part of research for a new book, 831 more words

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Servant Leadership: 12 Recommended Books for Aspiring Servant Leaders

A servant leader is someone who recognizes that people lead best when they serve first.  It is a concept that is innovative but also well-traveled.  It has always existed as an alternative leadership path for managers who recognize that they don’t have to choose between people and results—they can focus on both. 464 more words

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Serving Others

“Service Before Self”, is one of the core values of the US Air Force. I see this posted in just about every military installation that I’m on, regardless of the branch. 478 more words

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Servant Leadership: Dealing with Your Ego Requires a Balancing Act

A lack of self-awareness combined with an overactive ego can trip up an otherwise great leader.

When leaders allow their ego to go unchecked it can erode their effectiveness, says Ken Blanchard, co-editor of the new book, … 348 more words

Behavior Change

Servant Leadership: The Two Personality Traits that Derail Well-Meaning Leaders

Best-selling business author Ken Blanchard believes leadership is an inside-out proposition.

“It begins by asking yourself a tough question: ‘Am I here to serve or be served?’” he says. 595 more words

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