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“A Dangerous Fortune”, By Ken Follett

Going back to the author Ken Follett in quick succession after recently finishing “World without end”. Normally I try not to return to same author unless it is a sequel but I guess the mood was not for any new author and “A dangerous fortune” seemed like a good bet. 214 more words


Book review: Night Over Water

“I read to live and I live to read. That’s my circle of life.”

Greetings Fellow BookNerds!

I’m usually rather tentative when it comes to purchasing things online, since it’s not as easy to know exactly what you’re getting when all you have is a picture and a brief description to go off of. 781 more words

“World Without End”, By Ken Follett

I had read “Pillars of the earth” by Ken Follett few years ago on recommendation from a friend and really liked the book and style of the author. 332 more words


I giorni dell'eternità - Ken Follett #KenFollett

Premetto che a me Ken Follett piace molto, ho letto tutti i suoi romanzi ed attendo con piacere che ne scriva un altro.
Ultimo romanzo della trilogia sul ‘900, dove, narrando le vicende di cinque famiglie (russa, americana, inglese, tedesca, gallese), ci racconta la storia del secolo scorso. 1,075 more words

Ken Follett

Revisiting the Jacob Lawrence Show

Of all the thoughts and emotions evoked upon first seeing Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series in its entirety, a major one was, see it again. This time I promised myself to focus less on the history and more on his artistry. 228 more words

Nyári könyvek

Az utazások közben végre volt kedvem és időm olvasni, ez valahogy azóta is tart, isten áldja a kindle-t.

Mivel a gyerek ajánlott olvasmányai között ott volt Celia Rees és sok könyvét szerettem már korábban, bepróbálkoztam a Sovay-val, ami egy úrilányból lett bandita sztoriját meséli el. 1,035 more words


A Rare Occurrence

This week saw a rare event, and one that gives me the opportunity to flex my reviewing muscles.   I have children, 2 small boys that require a great deal of time.  1,011 more words