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Review: A Column of Fire

Once more this year I find a book I would normally love cursed by its own quality. Or in this case, the quality of what came before it. 278 more words


6. 'The Eye of the Needle' by Ken Follett

I’ve said before, I do love a good thriller, as did Mum, and this one ticks most of the boxes. I read this one to recover from how disappointed I was with Robert Harris the other week, and I didn’t put it down until I’d finished it. 249 more words

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Ken Follett's Classic 'The Key to Rebecca' Remains One of the Best Espionage Books Ever Written [REVIEW]

Although we primarily feature new fiction on our site, every now and again we like to revisit a classic. Pulling an oldie but a goodie off the shelf and dusting it off to re-read it is akin to having brunch with an old friend to reminisce about cherished memories. 676 more words


Eye of the Needle

Eye of the Needle, by Ken Follett

or, Storm Island

Published: 1978

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The Third Twin

I’m familiar with Ken Follett as a historical fiction author, but The Third Twin was my first taste of him as a thriller author.

Jeanie Ferrami has been doing research into the nature versus nurture question in regards to crime by studying twins, specifically those who were raised separately. 210 more words

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To Sleep, Perchance to Dream.

Well the snow that fell yesterday evening and was still falling as I went to bed at 3am was mostly gone by the time I got up at 11am. 925 more words

Una Columna de Fuego | Ken Follett

¡El último libro de Ken Follett! Una Columna de Fuego, ya está en mi canal. Si bien no es una reseña normal y corriente, porque he preferido hacer un repaso de todo lo ocurrido durante la segunda mitad del S.XVI que donde se desarrolla la historia (1558-1620). 172 more words

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