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Who wants to dance, NCAA Sweet 16: Breakin-2 Electric Boogaloo

1.  Which higher seeded team has a chance to continue to dance: NC State, Wichita State, Xavier, UCLA or Michigan State?

  • This is a tough call between Wichita State over Notre Dame or Michigan State over Oklahoma. 
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Casey S. Gutting

The DUFF (2015)

The DUFF can best be described as 2015’s Easy A.  The movie is both laugh-out funny and charming.  Mae Whitman showcases her acting ability and takes the movie to heights it would not reach without her.   74 more words

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Watch The Cast And Crew Of 'Community' Celebrate The Show's 100th Episode

The sixth season of Community premiered on Yahoo last week and this week, the sitcom will celebrate it’s 100th episode. The above video gives fans an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the party celebrating this achievement. 76 more words



Review by Slewo

After five tumultuous (both in-universe and real life) seasons, you’d have never expected Community to be able to live up to the fan-generated promise of “six seasons and a movie.” And yet here we are, on a sixth season. 550 more words

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The Duff (2015)

“How could you guys not tell me I was your DUFF?”

If the term “Duff” (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) was an actual epithet prior to this film, I was completely unaware.  745 more words


Four Takeaways From The Return Of Community

Community has returned, and it is awesome! Was it ever really in doubt? 789 more words


Community Season 5 (2014)

Community is something truly special. Part of that is the meta. Nothing I’ve seen is meta to the extent or in the unique way that this show is. 227 more words