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between Stalin and squirrels

I’ve tried to write this post no fewer than three times.  I’m not having a case of writer’s block; I just haven’t found enough time during these last several days of the semester to tackle the task of connecting Stalin to squirrels.   1,048 more words

Academic Program Actions recommended from the Office of the Chancellor to the BOG for this week's meeting

Earlier this evening I received the official list of academic program action recommended from the Chancellor’s office to the PASSHE Board of Governors from our State Meet and Discuss Chair, Mark Cloud.   154 more words

news from APSCUF legislative assembly

As you may know, this is election time for APSCUF statewide.  This morning APSCUF delegates from all 14 PASSHE universities cast ballots to determine who will lead us as we enter into a difficult negotiations year, face local and statewide retrenchment, and continue to mobilize our members on a range of key issues.   174 more words

APSCUF-KU goes to Harrisburg

Members of APSCUF-KU’s Meet and Discuss team are headed to Harrisburg for St. Patrick’s Day.  Are they going to sample Harrisburg’s fine craft brews as part of a special APSCUF-KU goes Irish for a day?   283 more words

Paul Quinn's letter to faculty: summary of retrenchment meeting

Here is Paul Quinn’s letter to faculty following today’s “special” Meet and Discuss regarding retrenchment:

Fellow Faculty,

I am writing to you to report  what occurred at the Meet and Discuss  meeting today.  

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Emails from Steve Hicks and Ken Mash, State APSCUF

Ooopss….I meant to post these earlier today.  Below you will find Paul Quinn’s email to faculty.  That email contains two emails one from Steve Hicks, APSCUF President, and one from Ken Mash, Chair of APSCUF Statewide Meet and Discuss regarding retrenchment and low-enrolled programs. 759 more words