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Deutsche Bank to Launch ESG Investment Programs

Deutsche Bank and Arabesque Asset Management will launch several new ESG investment products to help further social and environmental causes. The companies’ new products will track the returns of two indices of sustainable stocks created by Arabesque. 301 more words


The president strongly believes that marriage in this country ought to be between a man and a woman. He also believes it is something that ought to be decided by the people. 20 more words

Ken Mehlman

Should All Companies Participate in ESG Investing?

As the world warms up and resources dwindle and disappear, this is the time for businesses to make their investments do more good than just to earn profits and boost shares. 357 more words


So what we have is a president that has brought this issue...

So what we have is a president that has brought this issue before the American people. We now understand that we can’t wait. We understand every year we wait it gets $600 billion worse. 6 more words

Ken Mehlman

LGBT Activist Runs for Scottish Parliament

Liam Stevenson, an LGBT activist and co-founder of the Time for Inclusive Education campaign, aimed at bringing LGBTI+ inclusive education to all schools across Scotland, is hoping to make changes at the federal level, too. 358 more words


Rochester Gay Alliance Gets Its Forever Home

An LGBT center is about to open its doors in Rochester, NY. But the Rochester Gay Alliance is hardly a new organization: it’s been in operation for 43 years. 440 more words