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Killing Your Darlings: KEN Mode

When I started this feature I decided to review a single album rather than the entire backlist of each artist.  But upon opening up a Bandcamp page presenting an artist’s entire back catalogue, without having to spend a penny before knowing if I like what I’m going to hear…well, I revised my approach. 1,586 more words

Random Start: Onelinedrawing - “Stay”

Starting the day with one of my favorite Onelinedrawing (Jonah Matranga) songs is perfect after a late night involving one of the top 5 loudest shows I’ve ever been to starring KEN Mode.

Random Start

Photo Gallery: KEN mode + Fuck the Facts + WTCHDR + Life Against Death at Hindenburg, Vancouver (12 September 2015)

The best shows always seem to happen in a blur, with every successive band raising the bar and exceeding expectations. Vancouver’s Hindenburg saw just that with KEN mode’s “Huge Success Tour” stop on Saturday: locals Life Against Death set the tone with their high energy and humour, followed by WTCHDR’s earnest hardcore (vocalist Chris delivers his lyrical tirades with genuine angst), the bastardized-grindcore whirlwind of Fuck the Facts, a welcome comedic interlude from Garret Jamieson, capped off with KEN mode’s kinetic post-punk noise rock. 81 more words



The Huge Success Tour 2015

I will be hitting the road with my great friends, KEN mode… and a few of their lovely friends will be joining in on the fall time festivities. 497 more words


My bad. It never feels good to start with an apology but that really feels like it’s in order here. The Grind That Annoys has been lying dormant since May. 834 more words


KEN Mode - Success (2015)

Artist: KEN Mode

Album: Success

Label: Season of Mist

Reviewer: Bloodshot Grub

Ah, noise rock. That strange child of punk, metal, rock, and noise that never seems entirely a part of any one world. 479 more words


CANTO: So long Mayhem Fest, hello Nile tour dates, and more!

And we’ve reached another week. It’s been a busy day out there, so let’s see what’s going on: