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Reflections: Improving the argument

An unfortunate side effect of being young is that, on top of being highly motivated, young people tend to be very ignorant. While I would not characterize my previous essay as coming from a place of ignorance, there are certain things I would like to clarify regarding  its content. 1,016 more words


Jigsaw addict completes mammoth 34,000-piece puzzle after working on it for TWO YEARS

A JIGSAW addict has just completed a mammoth 34,000-piece puzzle – and “nearly got divorced” in the process.

It took the retired HGV driver Ken Robinson a whopping two years working at least three or four hours a day to finish the giant jungle scene. 366 more words


TER #110 - A conversation with Sir Ken Robinson - 1 April 2018

Main Feature: In a special edition of Off Campus, Dan Haesler chats with Sir Ken Robinson about emerging education policies and priorities since his famous 2006 TED talk. 15 more words

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An 18 year apprenticeship in teaching.

The thought occurred to me numerous times, while undertaking a postgraduate primary teaching course at the University of Auckland way back in the year 2000, that I had made a huge mistake. 616 more words


Why dance is just as important as math in school

Dance — and physical activity — should have the same status in schools as math, science and language. Psst: it may even help raise test scores, says Sir Ken Robinson. 1,403 more words

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Millennial Review

Millennial Review: The Element by Ken Robinson

The element by Ken Robinson was filled with empowering stories of many wealthy and successful individuals. Celebrities, philanthropists, dancers; you name it, Ken Robinson had the story of how that individual came to be so successful at their craft. 541 more words

Some Spring/Summer Reading

With spring break around the corner and summer vacation on the horizon, it’s a good time to plan your “personal” professional learning. In addition to attending the workshops your school division may offer, consider using one of these books for a summer study group. 275 more words