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The Blind Wolf speaks: An Interview with Kurando Mitsutake by Kent Hill

Independent film making is a minefield.

I recall Tarantino being asked for his advice on how to break into the film business. In his response he compared films to waves breaking against the shore. 301 more words


The Last Samurai (2003)

The year is 1876.

A broken American military-marvel, Nathan Algren, is whisked away to Japan to help train its army to fight against samurai. He laments that he is valued for his ability to suppress tribal rebellions, but relishes the irony that we all feel when usually the job we like least is the job we are most suited. 388 more words


'Transformers: The Last Knight' Super Bowl Spot: Optimus Prime Seeks Redemption

When 2017 rolled around a few weeks back, everyone had one thing on their mind, sequels. While most years feature a number of big follow-ups, this year has quite a big number, with one of them being Michael Bay’s  372 more words


Initial Thoughts on Godzilla: King of Monsters

Quick clarification: I am not talking about the 1956 film starring Raymond Burr (Godzilla: King of the Monsters). 875 more words



I just sent my first Staff Pick for my shelver job at The BP Library, I hope to do some more Staff Picks in the future and I hope to start sharing more things like this in the future here on my blog, normally I would like to do a longer write-up but you have to keep these shorter which is probably a good thing because it will save me time and help me get to the point. 278 more words


Oscar winners to announce this year's nominees

Academy Award-winners Jennifer Hudson and Brie Larson will help announce the nominees for this year’s awards. 61 more words



映画芸術科学アカデミー(The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences)は金曜日、これまで早朝にライブで発表していたオスカーのノミネーション発表方法を若干変更すると発表した。

アカデミー賞候補の発表はこれまでアメリカ東部の朝のテレビ番組放映時間に合わせて、カリフォルニア時間の午前5時半からビバリー・ヒルズのSamuel Goldwyn Theaterに集まったメディアやパブリシストの前でライブでアナウンスする方法で行われてきたが、1月24日に予定されている発表はメディアやパブリシストの目前ではなく、直接Oscar.comとOscars.orgでライブストリーミングされる。

世界各国のテレビ局はそれを放映することになり、アメリカではネットワーク局ABCの『Good Morning America』が放映する。

発表を行うのは、アカデミー賞受賞者のジェニファー・ハドソン、ブリー・ラーソン、映画撮影監督エマニュエル・ルベツキ、アカデミー賞ノミニーの映画監督ジェイソン・ライトマンと渡辺 謙。