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Another Great Chardonnay

Here we were in Bay City for a board meeting and after the lunch break, people went on their ways for the afternoon. There was a small golf tournament for the members that is highly popular, but I haven’t golfed since college and that was during the days of Richard M. 366 more words


Four reasons to love Kendall-Jackson's farm-to-table dinners

Warm weather is in full-effect here in California Wine Country and I can’t complain! After a long, wet winter, I’m happy with sunny days and warm evenings. 1,260 more words


Tom's Oyster Bar

It has been a little quiet around here, so I have been digging into my boxes of labels looking at the back side of them for a restaurant that I can write about. 324 more words


Sonoma History

First there were Pomo Indians. Peaceful, self-sufficient Native Americans, who for 3,000 years developed techniques of weaving reeds into some of the most beautiful and functional containers ever seen. 2,485 more words


Marilyn and Shamrocks

Everyone tries to keep in touch with former schoolmates. There is something comforting about the old days, call it nostalgia or just a longing for what seemed a simpler time. 597 more words


Wine Review: Cabernet Sauvignot, Kendall-Jackson Vinter's Reserve

Twenty years ago I had dinner at Olive Garden with Monique.  We were there to celebrate (Thank God We’re Not) Mother’s Day and I wanted a glass of wine because it seemed like an adult thing to do. 412 more words

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