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Developing the art of teaching outside lessons | Kenichi

The title of this blog may seem misleading, so I’m going to quickly clarify that what I do not mean here is the educationally dubious decision to take a bunch of kids outside rather than just get on with a lesson in your classroom. 80 more words

Learning the art of silent behaviour management | Kenichi

Although I can see the value of no-excuses behaviour approaches, I currently work in a school which does not use it. There are many ways to secure the behaviour you want – a more widely applicable approach for those who don’t work in a no-excuses environment (which makes it hard to introduce it in one classroom exclusively) is the art of silent behaviour management. 44 more words

In defence of no-excuses behaviour approaches | Kenichi

Before I start, I would first like to point out that this blog would not have existed with this line of argument before I became a teacher. 78 more words

Surviving as a DHOY | Kenichi

It was a significant surprise to me when it turned out that my first progression within the school environment was on the pastoral side. When I trained my behaviour management was awful.  85 more words

What is the Chartered College of Teachers for? | Kenichi

A hive of uncertainty has surrounded the announcement and set-up of the new Chartered College of Teachers (CCT). Some are delighted that a new body is on the scene to represent teachers professionally, others are sceptical that it will simply end up being dominated by the same forces that sometimes disseminate bad evidence in education today. 52 more words