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Platinum Games Apologizes For Scalebound's Cancellation

(Source: kotaku.com)

Earlier this week, Kotaku broke the news that Scalebound seemed to be in trouble. It was, and Microsoft confirmed it was pulling the plug. 181 more words


Aspen...my hot spots

My parents were visiting us in Aspen for the past few days–emphasis on FEW–but we packed in quite a bit during their short visit, and of course there were some great meals that happened to also be documented. 303 more words


The moral purpose of teaching and today’s NUT strike | Kenichi

Today I went on strike.

Having spent a lot of time being quite a left-wing kinda person, striking has been something I’ve supported from afar. I’ve watched strikes of doctors, teachers and others but never really thought about what happens when it applies to me. 74 more words

Settling on a new A Level Religious Studies specification | Kenichi

A veritable flurry of posts on new Religious Studies specifications has hit blogosphere over the last few days thanks to the fact that all the different exam boards have finally received accreditation for their proposals. 68 more words

Dating With Ichi (Edisi Po Panda)

Rencananya hari Sabtu kemarin cuma mau minta suami nemenin makan Sushi, tapi tiba-tiba adik saya datang dan memberitahu kalau pacarnya mau nonton film Kungfu Panda 3 di Mall Artha Gading. 478 more words


Album of the Week 08-2016: Merry - Peep Show

When I was exploring the many bands that comprise the Japanese Rock scene, Merry quickly became one of my favorites. Why? Because the country is full of bands imitating the bigger acts, while Merry has a strange, but appealing sound that is truly and uniquely their own. 480 more words


Why the new GCSE reforms are making teachers so angry | Kenichi

“We are being forced to run a race where the route keeps changing after having run through it. The problem is, we have to turn around and run the new route while still finishing in the same time.” 70 more words