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The Nanny, the Dog, the Cabbie and the Sister: How to Defenestrate an Ethicist in a Few Easy Steps

The rare and untimely posts of The Other Ethicist might not be thought to be much of a threat to the hoary institution of the… 1,596 more words


Speak Now

Kenji Yoshino’s book is a warm and thoughtful look at the trial of Hollingsworth v. Perry, which ultimately allowed for gay marriage in California.  It’s an interesting story of how the arguments for Proposition 8, were ultimately straw men that fell over under scrutiny.  187 more words

Thinking about Speak Now by Kenji Yoshino

So, I decided to try something new. See, there’s this really cool site called Blogging for Books. If you agree to write a review for them, they’ll send you a book for free. 531 more words


Quote of the day: CHANGE


Yoshino, a leading progressive thinker about civil rights, is the Chief Justice Earl Warren professor of constitutional law at New York University Law School. The story of his title helps explain why he wrote this book [ 114 more words

Quote Of The Day

Ethics and Concern: The Panel on Parents and Immigrants

Let me begin with a personal story. I happen to know someone (I’ll call her “Julie”), an immigrant, whose mother came from Julie’s native country for what was billed as a parental visit. 2,176 more words

The Times' New Ethics Panel

Something was in the air in March, and it wasn’t just mold spores. The Times once again revamped its Magazine section, and out with the old fonts and layouts went Chuck Klosterman, who managed to keep The Other Ethicist more or less dormant for several years. 3,456 more words

Civil disobedience

Can I Hide My Beliefs During Jury Selection?

Yoshino: But one requirement of civil disobedience is that it be open and notorious, that you are willing to take your licks for disobeying the law.

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