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Speak Now (Review)

Now that marriage equality is a legal right in the United States, it is finally time to take a breath and look back at the long, arduous journey.  513 more words


Book Review: Speak Now - Marriage Equality on Trial

I may not have mentioned this before, but I’m currently in law school. I’m in a four year evening program, because I work during the day, and I’m about to enter my third year of school this fall. 603 more words


Speak Now: Marriage Equality on Trial | Blogging for Books Review #4

Those of you who follow my blog and social media accounts probably know that I’m a die-hard supporter of civil rights and equality. For as long as I can remember, I knew that I was different: I didn’t subscribe to the rigid gender roles and relationship ideals that my elders and peers held on high. 708 more words


Should I Respond to The Ethicists' Comments on an Allegedly Racist Poster?

Why not? I’ve responded to sillier Ethicist columns, so why discriminate?

This week the Times’ triumverate responds to someone who is offended by a poster that her mechanic has on display in his garage. 1,689 more words

The Ethicist

Till Death Do Us Part? The Ethicists on Marriage Vows

Talk about predicatble! Not to mention shallow, moralistic in the worst sense, and clueless as to the facts of the case. In this week’s NY Times Magazine… 1,452 more words


The Nanny, the Dog, the Cabbie and the Sister: How to Defenestrate an Ethicist in a Few Easy Steps

The rare and untimely posts of The Other Ethicist might not be thought to be much of a threat to the hoary institution of the… 1,596 more words


Speak Now

Kenji Yoshino’s book is a warm and thoughtful look at the trial of Hollingsworth v. Perry, which ultimately allowed for gay marriage in California.  It’s an interesting story of how the arguments for Proposition 8, were ultimately straw men that fell over under scrutiny.  187 more words