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Postseason Redefining the Use of Relief Pitchers

One trend that’s become clear this postseason is that managers will not hesitate to use their bullpens in unconventional ways. Managers, specifically Terry Francona and Dave Roberts, have not been afraid to push their bullpen aces past their comfort zones, utilizing them for multiple inning or putting them in the game much earlier than usual. 553 more words

Game 4 a must-win for Cubs

By Ryan Decker

PSA: The city of Chicago and the Cubs organization would like to ask anyone who owns Billy goats to put them inside tonight before the Cubs and… 560 more words


Cubs Are Having Trouble Hitting the Baseballs

Who’s the worst offense in Chicago right now, Cubs or Bears? That’s correct, I did go there. The difference is that the Cubs are playing against the top performers in their sport and the Bears are playing against crap. 430 more words


Teams with multiple pitchers with post season saves since 1969 (Updated for 2016)

It is as if every manager is learning from Buck Showalter’s mistake of not using Zach Britton with the season on the line. Teams are being creative with their bullpens this post season and the Indians and Dodgers have added their teams to this list. 640 more words

Bullpen Closer

Heart Attack

“If you only knew what you’re putting me through
There’s that heart attack
You’re givin’ me a heart attack
A heart attack, you’re givin’ me a heart attack… 651 more words

Los Angeles Dodgers

Dodgers/Cubs At (1-1) Notes

Unfortunately, we may be in for a classic NLCS (do not rule one out in the A.L., as Toronto is returning home, albeit, down 2 games to none) as the Dodgers won (1-0) behind Clayton Kershaw (suddenly L.A. 313 more words

Kershaw gives the people what they want

This was the game that we had all been waiting for. Sure, Kershaw has pitched well since the debacle in Saint Louis, but nothing like what we knew he could do. 492 more words