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Lessons From the Wise

by Rebecca Rhodes

Time is measured by the ticking hands of a clock. As a student, it marks the end of English class, acts as a deadline for assignments or allows a moment of laughter while passing a friendly face in the hall. 769 more words

Wvu Parkersburg

Conspiracy Eats Itself

Conspiracies rely upon the unknown… where there is no paper trail, recorded voices, or first hand accounts, conspiracies thrive.  Nothing brings out distrust more than secrecy, regardless of its motivation.  227 more words


Where were you when Kennedy was shot?

By Tom Quiner

It was cold and wet outside.

I was excited about the imminent Thanksgiving holiday. But first, one more day of school.

I was in fifth grade at Perkins Elementary School in an era when kids still went home for lunch. 402 more words


Was JFK the real target? Or yet another example of a government coverup?

Based on compelling evidence, Lee Harvey Oswald did not want to kill President Kennedy–he intended to shoot Texas Governor John Connally. Yet the critical page was ripped from his personal diary by an FBI agent, and the story only really came out years after Oswald’s widow testified that this was actually the case. 78 more words


53 Years Later JFK's Assassination Still Draws in Tourists

DALLAS — As one vendor notes, “On November 22nd, 1963, the world changed that quick.”

And 53 years later, on the anniversary of the death of President John F. 178 more words


"What happened?" vs. "Who did it?"

I’ve been posting over at Twitlonger lately, always with the intent that some of that material finds its way over to The Jeffersonian. A fair amount of it was campaign commentary, and did not migrate over here before election day. 1,119 more words



Here’s a post from three years ago… on the 50th anniversary of the death of John F. Kennedy.

(I promise I will be silly again in a few days, but I’m somber today.) 573 more words