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Document: Classified material found at Fensterwald's home

Classified documents were found at the residence of Bernard Fensterwald Jr., a Washington, D.C.-area lawyer who investigated the assassination of President Kennedy,  according to documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request (via MuckRock.) 133 more words

Kennedy Assassination

Lifton loans redux

Consider this post a brief refresher on the topic of David Lifton and the loans he received from the Mary Ferrell Foundation.

This post is intended to clarify a discussion on another site about the loans. 88 more words

Kennedy Assassination

The Political Economy of Snuff Films

The Baffler published an article on the relationship between various US news channels and Islamic State. Particularly interesting was their discussion of the decision by Fox to publish a beheading video in full to their website. 1,340 more words



I’m retired and for that reason have few demands on my time. I’m free to waste countless hours trolling through Facebook posts and sifting through thousands of pictures served up by Google image searches to find some to post on Facebook and caption, often to the delight of friends and strangers. 733 more words



“The story you know”, says the trailer for Parkland, a 2013 movie about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. You can say that again. 1,019 more words


The mystery of Mary Ferrell

(Above, Mary and “Buck” Ferrell, from the Ferrell Foundation website.)

The newspaper pages are yellowed after more than 30 years but they still tell interesting stories. 612 more words

Solve political crimes with the truth

To begin with, Infamy is about Kennedy’s murder, and about the attacks that occurred on 9/11. It is also a book about grounds for true belief in a political context. 1,058 more words