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This image and others like it hang throughout the hotel. They cast a somber, serious spell as you walk through the lobby and hallways here. 279 more words


It's About Time!

Seen at checkout buying holiday groceries at Midnight 12/24.  Well, I’m glad we finally got THIS figured out.  Should make Oliver Stone and Jesse Venture very happy…if that’s possible.  Merry Christmas.

Jesse Ventura

The Cold War and Roswell

The American military witnessed incredible alien technology.

But they thought it was advanced Soviet technology sourced from captured Nazi scientists.

How did the American military make such a mistake? 1,093 more words


A. Radio Program- Spectrum 360- Webcast: 17.42- ’17 Nov. 27 Mon.


Radio Program- Spectrum 360- Webcast: 17.42- ’17 Nov. 27 Mon.

Listen to the Spectrum 360 live program weekly on Mondays at 11:00PM  Eastern Time on these stations in Tampa Bay: 285 more words


A Legacy That Lives On..

On this day 54 years ago, the United States not only lost its President, but it also lost a true visionary for the future. A future he had planned from the moment he became President of the United States, until that fateful day in Dallas. 699 more words