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Meet the new King of the Republican Establishment

Let’s be honest. Most people wouldn’t even look at someone if they attacked their parent or spouse in the way Trump did to Cruz’s wife and father. 685 more words

Watching Liberty Booed Off the Stage at Two Conventions

Despite our particular aversion to the whole “reality show” genre of television, and our general disdain of the entire medium altogether, we did make a point to log onto the internet Wednesday evening to watch and listen to C-Span’s coverage of Texas Sen. 681 more words


11-22-63: A Novel by Stephen King

Where I Got It: Own it.

Narrator: Craig Wasson

Publisher: Simon & Schuster (2011)

Length: 30 hours 44 minutes

Author’s Page

Al Templeton has a secret and that secret is that he has a little time portal to 1958 in the basement of his diner. 989 more words


JFK, Oswald, CIA, and Organized Crime

The general assumption by a large majority of Americans over 50 is that our government lied to us about the JFK assassination.

Wow.  That’s quite an indictment given our belief that we are a reasonably intelligent society.  1,346 more words

The Manchester Affair

Among my recent book purchases is a tome by John Corry, then a New York Times reporter, entitled The Manchester Affair and published in 1967.  The book details the battle by Robert F. 550 more words


As a nation, whenever we are forced to endure the painful aftermath  brought on by those who use murder as a means of expressing their extreme distaste for society, there seems to be that innate need to make some sense of the senseless– or to apply reason to the unreasonable. 415 more words



I have mentioned before my mild obsession (Can an obsession be mild? Is that an oxymoron?) with unsolved mysteries. (Eureka, Sort Of)

I’ve always wanted to solve some great mystery or cold case. 945 more words