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Lyndon B Johnson's NASA & Ni_ _ers: Censorship Of Jesus From NASA Newsletter

AFA has just learned that NASA has directed the name of “Jesus” to be ousted from a publication coming out of the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. 230 more words


Interception of Journalists' Communications

Online journalists, professional or untrained, inevitably become subjects of attacks of State and non-State actors wishing to control the flow of information and often to… 676 more words


Illinois peeps, check out - Sports Sharpen the Presidential Image

Presidents and those who aspire to the job have a long history of using their sports participation to enhance their political images.. via NYT The Upshot http://ift.tt/1Sxw0Ja


Mary of the Sun

My Aunt Mary wrote for The Lowell Sun for seventy-six years. She started while still a high school girl… under pen names… looong before women commonly reported for newspapers. 807 more words


The Day JFK Visited Toronto

There was no welcoming crowd. There were no reporters. Although the 1960 presidential election was three years away, Senator John F. Kennedy had been vigorously campaigning and so he must have found his silent arrival in Toronto on that slate grey November afternoon either amusing or disconcerting. 868 more words


Another Peace Corps blog

“To promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans.”

Like hundreds or maybe thousands of volunteers, I too have jumped on the blog bandwagon to start accomplishing Peace Corps (PC) Goal #3.

596 more words

A Challenging Time

Challenger 1A” by Acroterion – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

I was eating my lunch in the school cafeteria when I noticed everyone in the room turning to look at the TVs. 568 more words