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War of the Roses: Detroit Rock City

Jackie loves her boyfriend Phil. Phil might still be hung up on Becky. Put Shelly in the mix & watch ‘em go crazy!

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Tennessee Girls Basketball Teams in Trouble for Tanking

The Celtics aren’t the only ones tanking these days. Two basketball teams in Tennessee are in hot water after clearly trying to throw the same game, and avoid the #1 seed. 30 more words


Blursday - The 1988 Democratic National Convention

Abigail Phelps and John F. Kennedy Jr. have a plan. It involves John backing away from the Kennedy legacy. It involves convincing his family he doesn’t want to be in politics. 1,339 more words

Abigail Phelps

Is Salt In The Wrong For Talking To A Married Woman Who Has Dreams About Him?

Salt has a female friend that he has known for years, and she occasionally has the steamy dream about him. even after she was married. Is he in the wrong talking to her? 41 more words

Karson & Kennedy

War of the Roses Marathon: Writing on the Facebook Wall

Billy spends a lot of time on the road for work and he’s worried that someone else is filling his wife’s void.

Have a heartbreaking cheater story to share? 16 more words


Find Out Why Kennedy's "Slump Buster" Was a Bust From The Man Himself

If you missed the show yesterday, Kennedy talked about a situation over the weekend where she had an opportunity to finally break her unintentional streak of celibacy. 57 more words


A Profile on JFK

I became interested in politics after taking AP U.S. History 2 my junior year of high school once I started learning about President John F. Kennedy. 725 more words