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Back to the Future

In 1973, Dr Jacob Bronowski  was asked to write and present a documentary BBC television documentary series, The Ascent of Man, along with an accompanying book. 169 more words


Civilisation Revisited

One of the benefits of ageing is that one has all that extra time available during a sleepless night. For me, YouTube has recently occupied much of my ‘bonus’ hours. 308 more words


Quote of the day, June 16

Kenneth Clark, from Civilisation (1969)

“We are so much accustomed to the humanitarian outlook that we forget how little it counted in earlier ages of civilisation. 122 more words


Article: The Remains of Slavery

‘The Remains of Slavery’ by Fezeka Mkhabela

After my Image Creation professor had allowed us a moment to think of how we would describe ourselves in a manner which doesn’t include racial identity or religious affiliation she asked some of us to share with the floor our notions. 765 more words


• Würzburg Residence with the Court Gardens and Residence Square

Visit: 24th May 2015

We arrived from Bamberg into Würzburg railway station surrounded by local youngsters dressed in Dirndls and Lederhosen. Perhaps there was some kind of folk event going on that weekend, we thought, or perhaps this is just how young people like to dress in Bavaria. 676 more words


RACIAL BIAS & What Dolls Can Tell Us About Race in America #ABCnews

Good Morning America, Oct. 11, 200.

A new short film by a New York City high school student asks how far our society has come in its attitude toward race since the 1940s. 168 more words


Rubens and His Legacy: Van Dyck to Cezanne (Review)

‘Even had he not felt a natural fondness for fat girls,’ writes Kenneth Clark in The Nude, ‘ would have looked for accidents of the flesh as necessary to his system of modelling. 912 more words