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Rubens and His Legacy: Van Dyck to Cezanne

‘Even had he not felt a natural fondness for fat girls,’ writes Kenneth Clark in The Nude, ‘ would have looked for accidents of the flesh as necessary to his system of modelling. 912 more words


War Artists (Part 2)

Many war artists were appointed by their government to record military activities and conflict events for propaganda tool or educational purpose. But there were several exceptions. 473 more words



Landscape may be represented by painting, drawing, or engraving; by photography, film, and theatrical scenery; by writing, speech, and presumably even music and other “sound images”. 114 more words


When you get a glimpse of heaven

Lord Kenneth Clark, who created the famous TV series Civilization, said that once, while visiting a beautiful old church, he had an overwhelming religious experience. ‘My whole being,’ he said, ‘was irradiated by a kind of heavenly joy far more intense than anything I had known before.’ But the ‘gloom of grace,’ as he described it, created a problem. 86 more words


Is this the first microscopic landscape painting?

A few years ago I read Kenneth Clark’s book Landscape into Art, written in 1949 but which is still an excellent introduction to the history of landscape painting.   624 more words

What are Children Subconsciously Learning? (JOUR 4250)

Recently in my race, gender and media course I was introduced to the Clark Doll Test. The test was first conducted in the 1960s by psychologists Kenneth and Mamie Clark. 573 more words

Journalism 4250 (Race, Gender & Media)

On television

On the eve of the time of penance, take a moment to genuflect before the BBC.

I watched a repeat of The Story of the Twos… 618 more words