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The Companions of Seth

Seth-Typhon is a very busy God. When He isn’t defending Ra, the Prime Mover, from the dragon of chaos, He’s boring cosmic tunnels into qliphothic realms, slaying or domesticating the monsters He finds out there accordingly. 1,326 more words


In the Mouth of Madness (1994)

While it’s not quite my absolute favorite John Carpenter movie (that would be 1978’s Halloween), In the Mouth of Madness is probably Carpenter’s crowning achievement in terms of sheer quality and fright factor. 2,156 more words


Voudon Gnosis from the Vast Future-Past: Sublimities from a Voodoo Docteur

I have been an admirer of Sean’s artwork for a long while, but like so much in the online world, you never really get to know just what lies beyond the social media postings, and artwork, until you meet someone face to face.  3,823 more words