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Welcome to the journey!

Greetings! I am, for the sake of this blog, Desdinova Cenobite, and my intention is to take you song-by-song through the rich odyssey of Blue Öyster Cult’s “Imaginos,” with the focus being on the esoteric and occult elements that can be drawn from the music and, particularly, Sandy Pearlman’s lyrics. 138 more words

Correspondence with Kenneth Grant, 2001-2003

November 29, 2001

Dear Mr. Grant,

Thou Hast No Right But to Do Thy True Will

Thanks for responding so promptly. The Supernal/Infernal debate rages on: “When two Infinities argue, Identity is born.” 2,913 more words

Personal History

A Discussion of 'Azoth', 'Atazoth' and 'Azathoth'

[Written originally as a casual response in conversation with V.K. Jehannum, then organically turned into a closer look at Typhonian Trilogies references to Azoth. 1,412 more words


Happy Halloween - A new Michael Bertiaux Video...

“The Ophidian Shiva-Set-Saturn”


“Black Snake ‘Guede – Nibbho'”.

This painting has been featured in Kenneth Grant’s books, as well as in various Fulgur Esoterica publications. 57 more words