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♇ Necronomicon 44 ⚳

The Mad Arab has Summoned forth the Old Ones from stony R’lyeh where zonbi mass awaits Signals from Ultima Thule. For when under Command of the vengeful Vril-ya the zonbi mass sunders earthly plane and infernal space to seize upon the automatons of humanity to claim their final feast. 462 more words


Book of the New Law


1. Ha! thou have Become & so passeth away Compassion; for thou art my Sacred Pearl, the servant boy of thy Lord Hadit but thou are not as a boy at all for within thou is Babalon and to the Generation which came into this world with thou very soon ye—both Babalon within and boy without—shall be known as my Moonchild. 1,690 more words


The Companions of Seth

Seth-Typhon is a very busy God. When He isn’t defending Ra, the Prime Mover, from the dragon of chaos, He’s boring cosmic tunnels into qliphothic realms, slaying or domesticating the monsters He finds out there accordingly. 1,326 more words


In the Mouth of Madness (1994)

While it’s not quite my absolute favorite John Carpenter movie (that would be 1978’s Halloween), In the Mouth of Madness is probably Carpenter’s crowning achievement in terms of sheer quality and fright factor. 2,156 more words