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Voudon Gnosis from the Vast Future-Past: Sublimities from a Voodoo Docteur

Matt & I have been admirers of Sean’s artwork for a long while, but like so much in the online world, you never really get to know just what lies beyond the social media postings, and artwork, until you meet someone face to face.  3,826 more words



M Y    S O U L     I N     E G Y P T . . .

“The gold merges into red, into the black of Amenti, when the sun sets or dips below the Western horizon. 47 more words



And when The End came, it came simply and soon enough, without any great fanfare :

The Janus-headed pillar

The hospital doors flung open… 200 more words

Playing cards of the world: Kathleen Wowk

KATH WOWK worked at Stanley Gibbons in the 1970s and wrote a book, Playing Cards of the World,  a book which is widely regarded but in fact got her expelled from Kenneth Grant’s OTO. 107 more words

Austin Osman Spare, Artist & Magus

If you admire and appreciate the oeuvre of Austin Osman Spare – Artist & Magus – there would be several ways you might have first encountered his work. 4,209 more words

Vessels Of Vision: The Gnostic Artist As Magician Of The Crossroads

Six-fold Ma’atian Mind-by Kyle Fite (private collection)

Vessels Of Vision

The Gnostic Artist As Magician Of The Crossroads

By Kyle Fite

“My adepts stand upright; their head above the heavens, their feet below the hells.” 3,746 more words

SPACEBUDDHAA-History & Mission Part One

In the early 1990’s, Kyle Fite filled a sketchbook with various drawings, studies and notes revolving around comic book and illustration projects. A simple sketch found its way into those pages, entitled “Space Buddha.” It was just a scrawl, a little bit of sci-fi and, truth be told, Kyle didn’t really know much, if anything, about Buddhism. 1,181 more words