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The Bionic Woman 1.14 - The Ghosthunter

I wonder how the producers of this show decided what would be acceptable fantasy elements and what would be outlandish enough to make the characters question it. 309 more words

Richard Anderson

Review: The Man of Legends

The Man Of Legends
By: Kenneth Johnson
Rating: 4 Stars

“New York City, New Year’s weekend, 2001. Jillian Guthrie, a troubled young journalist, stumbles onto a tantalizing mystery: the same man, unaged, stands alongside Ulysses S. 880 more words



Recently, I had the chance to interview one of my childhood heroes and inspirations, Kenneth Johnson. Kenny (as he likes to be called) was the visionary writer, producer and director of some of the most iconic (read: favorite) shows of my youth—The Six Million Dollar Man (writer), The Bionic Woman (writer, producer, creator, director), The Incredible Hulk (writer, producer, creator, director), V (writer, producer, creator, director), and Alien Nation (writer, producer, creator, director). 2,452 more words


The Six Million Dollar Man 3.17 - The Secret of Bigfoot (part two)

Ha! Well, I wouldn’t have mentioned the neat rotating ice wall from the Universal Studios tour in the previous entry had I remembered this amazing shot, just beautifully photographed, of Andre the Giant carrying Lee Majors through it like a little toy. 207 more words

Richard Anderson

The Six Million Dollar Man 3.16 - The Secret of Bigfoot (part one)

Forty years later, and “The Secret of Bigfoot” hasn’t lost a lick of its amazing power to thrill six year-olds. In 1976, this took the bionic shows from something that most elementary school kids had at least heard of to something that… 398 more words

Richard Anderson

The Bionic Woman 1.2 - Welcome Home, Jaime (part two)

It’s not possible, in today’s environment, to watch this episode and not be reminded of the Trumps. I’m not claiming it’s an exact metaphor, but in this story, Carlton Harris, ladykiller that he thinks he is, changes plans once Jaime and Oscar convince him that she’s unhappy with OSI pay and unwilling to work for the government anymore. 231 more words

Richard Anderson