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Saints, Poets, and Sneezing.

This week, I have been mostly responsible for the death of many, many trees, in the form of many, many tissues. A lurgy is upon me, and while I’ve managed to go to work (and have been blessed by working alone in a satellite office so I can blow my nose at a honking-great volume that my granddad would be proud of, while not infecting others) when I get home I’ve just been plonked on the sofa, drinking tea and watching housework accumulate around me. 450 more words

Carry On Dick

Dir: Gerald Thomas, 1974


By 1974, the Carry On films were up against some stiff competition. Public attitudes and tastes had changed. Cinemas were showing forgettable bawdy sex comedies such as Adventures Of A Plumber’s Mate and The Four Dimensions Of Greta. 493 more words

London again

Been away. Yep. Another time away for Philip. This time I am hoping when I come home I am not ill again. Just thought it was an ideal time to get a break from taking s break. 424 more words


Semper Cavete Quod Idibus Martiis

Today is the Ides of March so I thought I’d keep up the little tradition I’ve established of posting this  priceless bit of British cultural history relevant to such a fateful day. 87 more words


Beyond that which is known to man...

The Twilight Zone episode Nightmare at 20,000 Feet is one I felt I knew really well, except I don’t know that I’d ever watched it all — I’d seen clips and I’d seen George Miller’s reworking of it in TWILIGHT ZONE: THE MOVIE, but had I actually watched the whole thing? 741 more words


Kenneth Willliams and Jimmy Reid discuss politics on Parkinson in 1973

Political debate in the 21st century is a series of shouting soundbites by a series of arseholes on all sides of whatever debate you’d care to discuss from Brexit to Scottish independence and so on and on. 170 more words


Round the Horne: A blast from the past

Oh how bona to varda your dolly old eek!

Some people might know what that says, some might not, but it honestly is a sentence. Way back in the days when your grandparents were the age you are now there used to be a funny show on the radio called Round the Horne. 531 more words