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Rear-view review: Carson Was Here

Anthony Carson
Carson Was Here
(Methuen, 1962)

Anthony Carson was not really Anthony Carson but Peter Brooke. In fact, he wasn’t really Peter Brooke either, but von Bohr – Brooke was the name apparently bestowed on him by his prep school headmaster when he was seven, von Bohr being deemed a little unfortunate as the First World War was under way.

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Just Williams - Kenneth Williams - Documentary - BBC - Radio

A talent sorely missed. This documentary was broadcast in 2014 shortly after Williams untimely death.

Classic Comedy: Julian and Sandy - Bona Bookshops

Classic, modern comedy does not measure up against programmes such as Round the Horne

Richard the football commentator....?

“…Hollywood actor Michael Sheen has rather bizarrely given his take on how Richard III would have sounded commentating on England and Leicester man Jamie Vardy…” (a player whose middle name is Richard). 22 more words

Richard III