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Abandoning role agnosticism, or: In praise of Armitage human

What roles should Richard Armitage be pursuing? I have typically said: “On principle, I don’t know.”

I try to remain agnostic as to role choice, apart from believing that Armitage is at his best on stage and preferring live action of any kind to voice acting, narrations or voiceovers. 1,478 more words

Richard Armitage

Human Stupidity Versus Human Ignorance

I had this message recently from someone who read all the posts on the EM. It made me think of ‘ignorance’ versus ‘stupidity’ conundrum whereby ignorance in my eyes is infinitely preferable to stupidity. 956 more words

The Myth

Ash Shore R1/T1/S4: Spring Fling

Rhythm 1/Turning 1/Season 4

A/N: This was supposed to just be Kiera’s birthday party but since it was the first day of spring and I have been sick to death of most of them looking the same this whole time I took advantage of the season change to give them all makeovers.  880 more words


Ash Shore R1/T1/S1: Boviniferous!

Rhythm 1/Turning1/Season 1

A/N: I’m excited to announce that if you take a look at the Resident Profiles page on the Ash Shore site you will see that it has new additions!  883 more words


How To Be Frank, Part 2

After the ‘Marina’ conversations Frank and YBS progressed to skype. This was the point at which I realised that Frank stopped being upfront. We had a FB conversation in the course of a week where I stated that, and Frank didn’t like it much. 849 more words

The Myth