Jan (2016) Movies Part 2

Slowed the movie marathon a bit in the 2nd half of the month but managed to get in some dandies.

We never saw Love Actually… 487 more words


Meet The Real-Life Inspirations Behind Lovable Legend Kenny Powers


Many are familiar with the awesome quotes (that will f*ck you up with all kinds of truth) from Eastbound and Down‘s Kenny Powers, but few realize the many real-life inspirations behind the fictional legend. 198 more words


Kenny Powers Quotes For When You're Too Awesome To Be Humble

Time and again, Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) proved he was not a complicated man, although, over four seasons on Eastbound and Down (available to stream anytime on… 937 more words


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FUNNY: Kenny Powers On Leisurely Bike Ride Through The Everglades....

The legend is real. Kenny Powers traded in his three wheel motorcycle and isn’t fazed by Florida bikepath wildlife.


Let Kenny Powers Show You How To Be A Winner In 2016

It’s that time of year again. The day when you stare into the bathroom mirror and regret those third servings of stuffing that you pounded amidst various holiday feasts. 874 more words


Why You Wish You Were Spending Thanksgiving With Kenny Powers And His Family

Thanksgiving is a time for gathering around dead animals and feasting like hedonistic Romans. It’s also a time for watching your drunk uncle pass out at the dinner table after drinking one too many brandy sifters and gorging himself on all the dark meat. 660 more words