“If at first you don’t succeed then maybe you just suck.”

-Kenny Powers


Kenny Powers would have taken Hunter Strickland's side in the fight, according to Danny McBride

Danny McBride may just be your everyday video-game playing dad (and hilarious actor), but in one of his most famous roles he played the legendary Kenny Powers, a baseball pitcher trying to deal with life away from the big leagues (all while maintaining a perfect mullet.) So we spoke to McBride (who was promoting the new Xbox Game Pass) about what his character would have thought about Bryce Harper – and a little bit about video games too. 615 more words


Gameday 6: Ducks vs. Eagles

South Oakland Ducks of the North Side (4-1)


South Side Eagles (3-0)


Spring View Field

The Ducks look to win their fifth straight tonight when they play the undefeated South Side Eagles. 243 more words

Pittsburgh NABA

Kenny Powers Is Going To Love Kai Lenny's "Boogie Foil"

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I wonder what @dickdraggers and Kenny Powers think about this new invention courtesy of surf legend, Kai Lenny?

*Video courtesy of Kai Lenny