This Kenny Powers Look-Alike Went Full Stone Cold Steve Austin At A NASCAR Event

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Fast cars, non-ironic facial hair, jorts and wasting cheap light beer in an obvious tribute to a professional wrestler: That’s what America does, baby! 124 more words


"Vice Principals" to Star Walton Goggins and Shea Whigham

Eastbound & Down was one of HBO’s prime comedy hits within the psat couple of years. Now, the writers of Eastbound, Danny McBride and Jody Hill, are teaming up once again to bring forth a new HBO comedy called  109 more words


This man wants to fly across the St. Lawrence, strapped to a homemade steam-powered rocket

His ambitions are lofty, his disdain for idle souls is glaring, and his rocket is powered by steam. Now, this lesser-known American stuntman has his sights set on the Great North, where the width of a seaway separates him from Knievel-level recognition. 758 more words

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On the reg.

I finally heard it used in an actual conversation. I didn’t hear the first part because the lady was getting out of her car, but other than Kenny Powers, I had yet to hear it used in person and always asked myself, Who even says that?  

Finally heard it.

Life Lessons From Kenny Powers, Part 1

Self-doubt is a bitch.

It rears its head in your most vulnerable moments, poking and prodding your mind, consistently demanding acknowledgement. 262 more words


Epic Dance Moves

Four dance videos you’ll never forget.

Starsky and Hutch..dance off v dancin rick

JavaScript required to play Starsky and Hutch..dance off v dancin rick… 488 more words