Kenny Powers Quotes For When You Gotta Drop A Truth Bomb

Kenny Powers isn’t always honest with himself, but he’s always honest when it comes to expressing how he feels about others. Through four seasons of… 884 more words


Bas - Too High To Riot {Review}

Associates are a direct reflection of the principal owner or managing partners in any organization, regardless of the size of the entity. Well, associates are supposed to be a direct reflection of high-level management, but sometimes that image becomes a muddled, unrecognizable portrait to evaluators from the outside world, as well as the people building the infrastructure. 2,192 more words


Kenny Powers Advice For When You Have To Be Your Ultimate Self

Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) was never shy when it came to talking about himself. Though with all the outlandish things KP said over four seasons of  772 more words


Kenny Powers Quotes For When You Need To Quit Your Job And Spread Your Wings

Let’s keep it real here: Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) is not a great role model, but every now and then he brings some concrete truth, and sometimes that’s what the world needs. 814 more words


Whose Shirt Is It?

Let’s play a game. It’s called Whose Shirt Is It? Think of this as a game similar to Whose Line Is It Anyway? with completely different rules. 289 more words

Bee Life

Kenny Powers Might Head To Space And Fight Xenomorphs In Ridley Scott's 'Alien: Covenant'

If you needed a reason to give Ridley Scott and the Alien franchise another chance following Prometheus, you might have your reason. Danny McBride is in talks to take to the stars and head to “paradise” in deep space. 277 more words