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Who's Really Burning the Playgrounds?

The kids of Ramsgate don’t think the kids of Ramsgate are setting fire to the park playgrounds. Isn’t that interesting? The bunch I spoke to, far from giving the impression that they were scared of snitching or ratting out on local gangs or the perceived ‘bad’ elements from their own schools, actually had quite a strong opinion on the subject. 434 more words

Time for Home Rule for England ?

Time for Home Rule for England ?

What a strange times we live in when the British Government actively imports enemies into our land and then goes out of it’s way to defend their rights to hate us, our English Culture, our English Values, our English Traditions … something has to change. 54 more words

English Democrats

The Annual Medway Council Pantomime

Just when you thought the pantomime season was over for another year, Medway Council’s legacy parties step up to the plate…

Chris Irvine

A native American in Canterbury

A native American as depicted on an early 17th-century house in Canterbury

By and large I’m going to stick to the early modern theme this week, not least because I attended an exceedingly interesting lecture on Wednesday by Dr Catherine Richardson (University of Kent). 956 more words


VIDEO: BBC Question Time

Mark Reckless, UKIP MP for Rochester and Strood, tackles the issues of immigration, ISIS and MPs’ second jobs on BBC’s Question Time programme, hosted by David Dimbleby

Mark Reckless

Early bird


What a blooming nice day we have had today.  It has really felt like it was summer time.

Today was a 5am wake up as work beckoned. 337 more words


Petra attends Grammis 2015

The 2015 Grammis Awards were held on February 25, with many Swedish singers, songwriters, directors and musicians attending the ceremony which is considered the Swedish equivalent of the international Grammy Awards. 94 more words

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