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Today is the big day. I will be hopping on the plane and embarking on my four month long adventure in Kenya. It’s hard to say the exact emotion I am feeling as I say my last goodbyes and pack my luggage. 212 more words


Karibu Kenya!

Our plane touched down just as the sun started to peep over the horizon. I was very excited because I’ve dreamed of visiting Kenya for as long as I can remember wanting to go anywhere. 1,818 more words


Kenya, June 2011: An African Adventure (Part 2)

After a much-deserved rest day, we’re off on another adventure.  We had been attracted by the sound of the Kinazini Funzi Dhow daytrip at the rep’s welcome meeting, although by the Saturday we couldn’t quite remember what it entailed. 1,526 more words


Kenya, June 2011: Up Close and Personal with a Masaai Warrior

Another early morning game drive – the animals are in short supply but the scenery is stunning as we drive to the volcanic lava formations. We do however get another sighting of a male lion, keeping cool in the morning sun under a rock. 604 more words


Time to Track Down Some Wildebeests

And now it’s time to go. At high noon we’re off to Toronto Pearson airport (for the second time in two months, somehow) and then on to Nairobi. 32 more words

Airplanes, Airports & Flying

Kenya, June 2011: An African Adventure

I love travelling. I love discovering new places. What I do not like is a 9 and a half hour overnight flight, when I am biologically unable to sleep on aeroplanes, cramped into a middle aisle seat and unable to read by the 2 watt ‘nightlight’ trying to penetrate the darkness all around me. 1,064 more words


20 Years Later and Death Still Hurts As Much

It was August 27th 1995; we were in school for remedial tuition. I was called from class by Mrs. Wang’ombe. This was not strange since I was the class prefect and it was common for teachers especially my favorite (Miss Carol), to call and send me out of school over lunch. 1,117 more words