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Potential Uses of Blockchain in Government Institutions and Parastatals in Kenya  

1.Moving state archival records to an open distributed ledger

2.The second allows any private company that incorporates in that state to keep track of all the equity issued and the different shareholder rights on the blockchain. 348 more words

Action the Kenyan Government can take on implementing Blockchain technology and Categories of activities where Blockchain technology can have the most impact/benefit

How do we get there? What actions can the government take?

1) Government leaders should get up to speed on the blockchain by understanding it first, and committing to exploring its potential. 253 more words

When You Have A Disability

This week I’m going to share what it’s been like for Liz while living here and also what it’s like for other kids in Kenya with disabilities. 822 more words


Methodology or Misinformation: What’s Driving Dadaab Refugee Camp Numbers Down?

The population at Kenya’s Dadaab refugee camp has plummeted by 60,000 people in the last two months, according to data provided by UNHCR, begging the question — what are the factors driving such a drastic reduction in the population could occur in the… 597 more words


How Information Technology Can Empower & Enhance Medical Health Research in Kenya

Medical Research has been ongoing in Kenya and around the continent for the last 40 years, findings undertaken by researchers have led to breakthroughs in new medicines and cures as well as informed Policies in the health sector of many countries. 1,271 more words

Kuliko Jana (More Than Yesterday)

(Sung in Swahili)

Bwana ni mwokozi wangu (The Lord is my savior)
Tena ni kiongozi wangu (And He is my Leader)
Ananipenda leo kuliko jana  213 more words

Swahili Lyrics

Three Years Later...

Hours later I would find myself hiding in a bathroom stall for 4 hours along with several other people, wondering whether or not this was the end of my life.

673 more words