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The Days of Our Lives

I don’t like death. Well, I am yet to meet anyone who does. My greatest frustration with death is that no one survives it to give a detailed account of what exactly happens when someone dies. 922 more words


The Flip Side of 911 Call in Kenya

Living in the past or living in the future. Those aren’t real. The moment is now, where comfort, all the good stuff and above all, where safety is of great emphasis. 465 more words


Savannah into Wheat Fields

As the Dawes Act weakened the tribes in the U.S by parceling out reservation land to individuals, a new law in Kenya is doing the same to the land of the Maasai. 40 more words


The Muddy Road

“Mud mud mud, girls girls girls”, I whispered to myself as we made our way down into the heart of the northern side of Kibera(the 2nd largest slum in Africa). 457 more words

Water Needs

Digital Migration: Vision 2030 perhaps?

I have to agree I have been laid back in this topic for perhaps the right reason and it was this that a few questions came to mind. 258 more words