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Our son from the U.S., Barack Obama,“against the plan of God.”

The followings made my day I hope it has the same effect on you?!

Kenyan Leader: If Obama Brings ‘Gay Agenda, We Will Tell Him to Shut Up and Go Home’

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In Search Of Womanhood (II)

As the word ‘teen’faded from the name of my age,
I started to listen to more advice
from people not my age mates.

Started to understand, 169 more words

Kenyan Mind

Karibu Kenya

It was a hectic couple of weeks before departure. Friends wanting to meet up, arranging for our stuff to shipped over (luckily the furniture belonged with the house, so “only” our accumulated crap was going to be boxed and shipped) and a lot of anxiety… 463 more words

Conquering the world first, the womb second

Kevin and I decided to spend Christmas in Cape Town, a nice seaside city on the south-west coast of South Africa. We drove all the way to East London and drove along the south coast, enjoying the views and the small little towns, the rolling hills and the rocky and sandy beach. 1,088 more words

Journey Into Africa 1994: Circle of Words

Journey long over
Tales memory enfolded
Dormant words waiting .

Wonder of wonders
My stories now live again.
Words freshly “Word-Pressed.”


'Respect the morals of Kenyans': Lawmakers don't want Obama to speak about gay rights during visit

In just a few weeks, President Barack Obama will visit Kenya. It’s an important visit for many reasons, not least because many Kenyans hope that his familial link to the country can lead to a better relationship between the United States and East Africa. 299 more words


Jambo Jimbo in Nairobi

All Change for Nairobi

Did I mention that PULSE is an adventure? I’m sure I must have mentioned it in my first blog. Anyway, an adventure usually occurs when events don’t quite take the path you had predicted, and so it begins…. 334 more words