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Investors in Africa are so focused on the poor that they are ignoring the middle class

African businesses that don’t focus on helping the poorest are being ignored by investors, according to Agosta Liko, a Kenyan entrepreneur and founder of PesaPal, a payments system for online and mobile money. 384 more words

Will Corruption ever end in our society?

By chrisbone Ogugu

Corruption is one of the challenges Kenya has been facing for the past few decades. A lot of public property has been lost to members with influential positions in politics while precious public services have become a nightmare to get; what is termed as free is no longer free anymore. 459 more words


Why we should be so vigilant

By Chrisbone Ogugu

In my family, it is my father who is responsible for ensuring security for the family. It hurts to one day realize that it is the same father planning evil against his own family. 168 more words


Reasons why our schools are in inferno

By Chrisbone Ogugu

Fire everywhere; Institutions that should mold our young generation into dependable men of the future are being brought down by fire. The trend that was common in universities and colleges is now the trend in secondary schools; honestly something has gone wrong somewhere. 487 more words


Our intern tells her story...

We always look forward to sharing our stories from the fields of Kenya and Tanzania. Our intern Christine Tran shares her account of why she decided to join Asante Africa Foundation and her experience during the Global Strategy Meeting’2016. 662 more words

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Koffi Olomide

A video showing Koffi Olomide, one of Africa’s most popular musicians, physically assaulting a woman at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport has gone viral.
The Congolese musician is seen kicking the woman, said to be a performer with his Quartier Latin band, in the presence of other passengers and the police after arriving at the airport. 142 more words