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Night Shift

Manda closed her eyes as she lifted her face towards the sky, feeling the warmth of the tropical breeze illuminate her smooth, moisturized face. Her tiny grey shorts squeezed under her but as she sat on the bare slick boot of Rickoe’s convertible just outside their house. 1,119 more words

Short Stories

Don't Let The High go to Waste. Believe.

We are here to create a revolution unlike any that has gone before. A conscious Awareness Tsunami that will sweep the planet and shake our modern world to its very core. 300 more words



Abortion. Brings mixed feelings. It’s either bad or a ‘necessary evil’. If we start debating on it. It would probably lead to a fist fight. Or harsh words being said. 482 more words



It’s the rainy season guys. As a matter of fact, it’s the moody rainy season…what do I mean? Okay, practical example.Just yesterday I left the house for my internship in a rush at 6:30am, ran halfway across the citycentre to catch the bus before I’m left behind, like I was on Monday:'(. 447 more words


The Hierarchy of Disagreement

1. Refuting the Central Point
This is the zenith most shrewd gambit. By choosing to explicitly refute the central point, the person is hitting at a point way deeper than a man’s ego; this move will mostly lead to concession by the party to whom the point is getting driven at. 887 more words


Building a better tomorrow for youth of Kenya

By Sarah Rolfing

No matter how many times I visit the slum in Nairobi or the poverty-stricken schools in the outskirts of the city, I’m not prepared for the feeling of despair that follows. 579 more words

Supporting Education

Kenyan Police are Under Investigation Because of an AP Photo

AP’s chief photographer and acting bureau chief for East Africa Ben Curtis was in Nairobi covering demonstrations against Kenya’s electoral commission when he witnessed police kicking and beating fleeing protestors with wooden clubs. 1,914 more words