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Widening Cracks in Jubilee Party

“Mapenzi ya upande mmoja.” That’s the phrase my Fasihi teacher used to describe characters whose love interests never reciprocated theirs. A comparable scenario has characterized the relationship between Deputy President William Ruto and his “boss” Uhuru Kenyatta for the better part of the duo’s second term. 592 more words



Mosara is a Kenyan brand that makes hair products with all natural ingredients. It is really popular among natural hair enthusiasts in Kenya. I hopped on the trend and got myself one, in the biggest size, given the great reviews I read. 297 more words

Kenyan Hair Blogger

Call for testing at school in Mukuru slum

Covid19 awareness campaign in school in Mukuru slum, Nairobi

Together with the Mukuru Aganza film academy in Nairobi, and under the umbrella of the Makingmorehealth initiative we run a Covid19 awareness campaign to inform people about measurements they can take to protect themselves and for participating in free testing. 63 more words



Daywalker;”Lord she is the One ,look at all the others ,they don’t have what it takes to get me there.”

Jehovah;”She will be a challenge Son!.” 16 more words


#Welcome all nations and people

Thanks to all of you who have come along for this journey. We will recover, keep praying for an all clear. Here’s what we have for Guam Christian Blog for 24 May 2020: 204 views, 138 visitors, 94 likes (thank you), 25 posts, 525 followers (4 New – Welcome). 132 more words


Day 72 Of Quarantine — Surviving With Hope

It’s obvious; we have now settled comfortably in this new reality. We didn’t see it coming. Even when it befell us, as a national crisis (around March), we became so scared, that we ranted on the internet, in the streets — with rage, tantrums, and conspiracy theories. 437 more words


An Open Letter To All Kenyans

So by now you know I’m Kenyan.

So that means you know I know psychiatry is for mad people (potriz), right?
And, that I’m also well aware therapy is for rich people; those with sleek cars, and have big titles right before their normal three names… 844 more words