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Outlawed Love Blossoms in Homophobic East Africa

Although homosexuality has been outlawed in their home country of Kenya, Fayth and Meg have fallen deeply in love. And they have no plans of separating, no matter the consequences. 2,060 more words

Commitment & Family

Venting...*this will be the death of me

Its even wrong for me to even post another article professing my unending love for Doe…i mean i won’t torment you dear reader with the what and what not’s of failed love, as a matter of fact that’s a closed door in my life and am gonna nail that bitch down to make sure there’s no chance in hell im i ever revisiting those memories and feelings..esp feelings…ok i stop now! 693 more words

Stepping Into The Fire

I got over Day, looking back i dunno what tha fuck i was thinking. I realized I wasn’t taking care of myself. I think I became too comfortable when we were together. 1,060 more words



We went to high school together. Back then she hated my guts. I was friends with her best friend and somehow she had to put up with me. 712 more words


Home & Away

If time does not wait for you, don’t worry, it’s ok, just remove the battery from the clock and enjoy life. That’s crazy but not impossible. 607 more words


Family Talks

I’m out to my closest pals and colleagues but not to my family. I’ve thought about coming out to them but I don’t wanna give my mama a heart attack. 140 more words


Angry Gay Kenyan

Wow it’s been a while. Thumbs up to Newyork. The question is when will we ever get there? The price of flour keeps going up. Kenyans spend most of their lives in traffic. 138 more words

Kenyan Lesbians