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Raila has done his part, Luos now do yours

This hashtag ya #AwakeningNyanza ni nini? When Raila was the PM, Nyanza saw its infrastructure improve to the best level ever. Many lives changed as a result of the constitution that Raila single-highhandedly campaigned for! 408 more words

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7 types of people you'll find at Choma Sunday

Betty the Tourist

I call her Betty the tourist. However, she’s not your regular world traveler. No she has no frequent flyer miles from American Airlines. 991 more words


A letter to my MP, TJ Kajwang

TJ Kajwang, Wod Japuonj, Kilo or Nyakwar Nyakwamba, I hope this letter finds you in perfect health. I know we don’t see eye to eye lately, despite the fact that I was one of your foot soldiers in the past campaign. 832 more words

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Kick TJ Out of Ruaraka

It is time we say enough is enough, TJ Out

Today I want to talk to my friends, brothers, and sisters about our political destiny. I know that over 90% of members of this forum are youths. 1,020 more words

Kenyan Politics

Some thoughts on the Okoa Kenya campaign to amend Kenya's Constitution

I just posted a piece over at ConstitutionNet on the politics of popular constitutional amendment provisions, with Kenya as an illustrative case.

The Kenyan Constitution allows for popular (extra-legislative) amendment initiatives, as long as the petitioner can collect at least one million signatures. 212 more words


Thoughts on the Uhuru Kenyatta Administration in 2016

This is from Kenya’s leading newspaper, the Daily Nation, addressing the president:

We acknowledge the fact that it has been a tough year for leaders across the world — what with global economic upheavals and terrorists wreaking havoc everywhere.

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Kenyan Politics and Feminism

Politics in Kenya is like a constant movie with parts one, two, three, four… you get the drift. There is always so much drama, always so much talk but never ever, any action taken – until two days ago. 444 more words

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