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So we went to Vegas. After months then weeks and then days of anticipation, planning, booking and re-booking tickets, shuffling days off, asking co-workers to handle your shift, explaining to your husband you have to go for a “convention” in Seattle..Vegas finally arrived. 2,936 more words

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Don't Complain About The Soup...a cautionary tale.


When I was in primary school(grade school for all you American types), I attended a small boarding school in Ukambani called Lukenya.  I want you to picture a “start up” boarding school in the middle of ukambani, surrounded by the wilderness that was Athi river back in 1992. 1,953 more words

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How I almost called a harambee for DJ Mfalme.

So I am sitted in my office in Las Colinas this past Friday. Productivity zero. All the business deals that should have closed this week were closed by noon. 1,166 more words

Kenyan Politics

Philip Okundi; Moses Kajwang' and why we should not vote them.

As far as my revolutionary ideas are concerned, what to many Kenyans will be the 12th of Feb 2015, shall to us in Homa-Bay County, the 7th of July 1990. 2,009 more words


Nai Bar and Grill- A Eulogy

By now you have all heard the news. Nai Bar and Grill is no more. Kwisha! Finito! Gone! Okwu Agwugo! With no warning, like a beloved pet who just died. 1,811 more words

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Why You Should Never Give a Tanzanian Woman your Credit Card.

So 2015 is off to a good start. I feel pretty good about the choices I have made so far. Yes I know. Its only February.  1,546 more words

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