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sKenyans, shame on you. Dishonour on you, your family, your children's children, and your cow

Ah, some Kenyans (sKenyans) on twitter, and facebook; aren’t you lot just a terrible example of humanity? Not a reason have you to be terrible, but there you go sharing what has been unsolicited, and is harmful. 347 more words



My morning couldn’t have gotten worse; first of all, I overslept and secondly, I got to miss my favorite morning radio show on Capital Fm… 235 more words



As I pen down my first post this week, my heart is filled with anger. The past week (s) we’ve seen the most outrageous and despicable acts happening on television screens. 847 more words


What do you Expect from a Tech-Savvy Unemployed Youths?

According to an article on Kachwanya, that cited CCK, Internetworldstats.com, Facebook.com and Google Plus data as it’s source, there are 3.6 Million Kenyans on Facebook, and 1.5 Million Kenyans on Twitter. 671 more words

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#Someone tell South Africa: Hell hath no fury like a Kenyan ‘scorned’

Kenyans On Twitter otherwise known as KOT are a very special breed. They are particular on who they choose to ‘love’ or ‘hate.’ And they are fickle too; today you may savour their love and tomorrow get smothered by their hate. 698 more words


Social Media Justice - The Kenyan Style

No one knows the power of social media better than Kenyans do. The presence of Kenyans on social media has gotten us trending severally, particularly on Twitter where Kenyans On Twitter (#KOT) are a force to reckon with. 1,159 more words

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