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The 2017 general election - not all doom and gloom for minor parties

The recent general election was quickly categorised by the media as a bad one for minor parties. That was certainly the case for Ukip, which saw its vote collapse and its status decline from temporary major party back to minor. 565 more words


Does archaeology support the Bible?

Old houses are being demolished in my suburb to make way for new ones. If we came back in 50 year’s time, what evidence will there be of how people lived in the old houses? 5,795 more words


Explain the Cringeworthy Title, Derek

I’ll do my best.

At the end of my Thumbs Up Day, Kenyon’s weekend for admitted students, I, along with my two high school friends Gabe and Vincent, were offered a parting gift from Kenyon’s Office of Admissions. 960 more words


Artistry in a Minnesota sunset

SUNRISE, SUNSET…so begin lyrics from a song in “Fiddler on the Roof.” I’ve always loved that musical and the song about the seasons of life. 247 more words

Stories from the Rim #1

“Up! Up! Everyone up!” I woke up to an explosion which shook the whole ship. The sound of the alarm blared in my ear as my bunkmate shuffled to his feet. 517 more words

Stories From The Rim

First Contact

Ah first contact, nothing feels quite like it. I am an Inquisitor of the Empire, and have been assigned writing duty. It falls unto me to chronicle the history of our emperor, Thomas Drayke and his exploits. 384 more words


Uh Oh Gamers! DCat's Been Replaced!

Hello everyone it is I, the News Goblin, and I come bringing great and terrible news. The terrible news is that our beloved Sean Decatur, will be stepping down as President of Kenyon. 420 more words