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Abu Dhabi nuclear power plant delays operations to 2019

The cause of the delay in the nuclear power plant’s operation – which was originally due to begin in late 2018 – is reportedly due to a “comprehensive operational readiness review.” 8 more words

UAE nuclear energy plant "not ready" for operating licence

Christer Viktorsson, director-general of UAE’s Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR), said that while the reactor was almost technically ready, the regulator could not yet issue an operating licence to Nawah and could not say when the firm would get its licence. 8 more words

Fukui weighs new wave of reactors to protect status as Japan’s ‘nuclear capital’

Fukui Prefecture’s days as the center of Japan’s nuclear power industry might be fading with five reactors scheduled for decommissioning. These include the No. 1 (front) and No. 550 more words