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UAE nuclear energy plant "not ready" for operating licence

Christer Viktorsson, director-general of UAE’s Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR), said that while the reactor was almost technically ready, the regulator could not yet issue an operating licence to Nawah and could not say when the firm would get its licence. 8 more words

Fukui weighs new wave of reactors to protect status as Japan’s ‘nuclear capital’

Fukui Prefecture’s days as the center of Japan’s nuclear power industry might be fading with five reactors scheduled for decommissioning. These include the No. 1 (front) and No. 550 more words


국제 종합 에너지박람회 'BIXPO 2017' 11월 김대중컨벤션센터에서 개최

에너지 전문 기업 한국전력(KEPCO,사장 조환익)이 오는 11월 1일(수)부터 3일(금)까지 3일간 국제 종합 에너지 박람회인 ‘빛가람 국제 전력기술 엑스포'(Bitgaram International Exposition of Electric Power Technology, BIXPO)를 광주 김대중컨벤션센터와 홀리데이인호텔에서 개최한다. 47 more words


South Carolina's $9 Billion Nuclear Boondoggle Fits a Global Pattern of Troubles

“Public trust is at stake here, folks.” That’s how South Carolina’s top power industry regulator described the gravity yesterday of local utilities’ decision to walk away from a pair of partially-built nuclear reactors,  889 more words

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Hedged Funding

Wait, is that an actual hedge or a virtual (Photoshopped) hedge in the background of this photo? Perhaps only Yonhap’s photo editor knows for sure.  It doesn’t really matter: the underlying message is the same either way. 84 more words