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Three Little Words

And I have other sheep that are not of this fold.  John 10:16a (English Standard Version)

Tonight my family and I were watching the Science Channel documentary, …

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NASA's Kepler Mission Discovers 461 New Planet Candidates

NASA’s Kepler mission Monday announced the discovery of 461 new planet candidates. Four of the potential new planets are less than twice the size of Earth and orbit in their sun’s “habitable zone,” the region in the planetary system where liquid water might exist on the surface of a planet. 112 more words


Study says 17 billion+ 'earths' exist in galaxy

Ask the average person how many planets exist and many will reply “eight” or “nine,” depending on how favorably they view Pluto. A few may even toss out “10,” signifying a belief that “Planet X,” the mysterious undiscovered body believed for decades to lurk beyond Pluto, still remains undetected. 294 more words


NASA, Texas Astronomers Find First Multi-Planet System Around A Binary Star

NASA’s Kepler mission has found the first multi-planet solar system orbiting a binary star, characterized in large part by University of Texas at Austin astronomers using two telescopes at the university’s McDonald Observatory in West Texas. 95 more words


Kepler Discovers Planetary System Orbiting Two Suns

A team of astronomers has found the first transiting circumbinary multi-planet system: two planets orbiting around a pair of stars. This discovery shows that planetary systems can form and survive even in the chaotic environment around a binary star. 99 more words


NASA's Kepler Discovers Multiple Planets Orbiting A Pair Of Stars

Coming less than a year after the announcement of the first circumbinary planet, Kepler-16b, NASA’s Kepler mission has discovered multiple transiting planets orbiting two suns for the first time. 128 more words


Saturday Stub: Earth to Kepler 22b

This is a late Saturday Stub so forgive me, but I’ve been thinking about this all week. By now most of you have heard of the extraordinary news of… 509 more words