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Nombu Kanji with Bulgur wheat

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Today I would like present you all a very light and flavourful Iftar dish which is very common in northern parts of Kerala . 446 more words


Searching for My Grandfather in the Pages of His College Textbook

When my father’s father died a year ago, even though he was my first grandparent to pass, I wasn’t emotional. His was a slow slipping: first his professorial mind decayed, jumbling his memories and mixing the files in which he stored Shakespeare and Tennyson, then his body, which he refused to care for because he was too proud to admit he needed help. 764 more words



All people from Kerala(India) know the allure of this drape called”Mundum Neriyathe” or MundumVeshti or “Settum Mundum”.Although  this beautiful drape which consists of two pieces of fabric ; one which is draped around the lower torso  called” Munde”and the other which goes as a drape around the lower and upper torso of a woman called the”Neriyathe”, typically belongs to the Hindu religion,now a days women from all religions wear it as it is looked upon as a traditional wear of Kerala.And during a main festival of Kerala ,”Onam”, all  malayali women wear it to some function over the span of these ten days .And so we can actually say that it does not anymore belong to any religion but to the beautiful women of “God’s own country”! 827 more words



ആത്മവിശ്വാസമില്ലാത്ത വിപ്ളവം വ്യക്തിയെ സംബ്ബദിച്ചിടത്തോളം ഏറ്റം അപകടകരം


Kerala Diaries: The Lalit Resort and Spa, Bekal

It was 6 am on a Saturday. I was wide awake and staring at myself in the mirror – puffy eyes, dry hair, and sore muscles. 948 more words


The man who planted a forest in Kerala

Abdul Kareem, 66, of Parappa, Kasargod, Kerala had a liking to ‘Kavu’, the sacred forests of Kerala, right from his childhood. He would frequently visit his wife’s house in Puliyankulam village and it was during such visits that he noticed the barren hillside land nearby.

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BEVCO represents alcoholic beverage corporation of the Govt. of Kerala State in India. It’s ironic to mention that BEVCO has been monopolized by the government and all retail sales of alcohol managed by government employees. 407 more words