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Snake Boat Race next week!

Yes. It’s about to happen. Saturday week, August 8th will see the backwaters at our Alleppey come alive with the sound of swishing water, big crowds and high adrenalin because it’s Snake Boat Race day. 242 more words


My First Brush with Volunteer Travel

When I was in college we went on study tours across the country, apparently to learn how Psychology is studied and applied in organisations. All we really did was tour and forgot all about studying. 385 more words

Solo Travel

Karapuzha Village Resort - An interesting alternative at Wayanad

Wayanad has become the de facto weekend / holiday / adventure / romantic / relaxing holiday destination for the crowd from Bangalore & Mysore. It’s just about the perfect driving distance from Bangalore – a little under 6 hours, trundling through the amazing forest range that borders Karnataka & Kerala. 407 more words


Common Mormon

The Common Mormon (Papilio polytes) is a common species of swallowtail butterfly widely distributed across Asia.

Nikon D5100

Thusharagiri falls

അടിമണ്ണിലൂടെ നീരുറവയിലൂടെ
നീ മരമായ്‌ മനുഷ്യനായ്
പൊഴിയുന്ന മഴയായ്
ഒഴുകുന്ന പുഴയായ്
വിടരുന്ന പൂവായ് അഴകായ്‌
സുര്യന്റെ കിരണമായ്
നന്മതൻ സഫുരണമായ്
– കടമ്മനിട്ട

Beneath the earth, through the spring,
you as a tree, as a human, 19 more words


A Whirlwind Tour of Kerala

The first week of travel has been a whirlwind tour of Kerala at its lush, monsoon season. We started in quiet Kollam, to a more touristy Alleppey, and finished off with a few nights in the cosmopolitan colonial city of Kochi. 1,281 more words