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A cosy red kerchief 

I spent a considerable amount of time this week chasing spiders off two antique farm carts. Some of the webs they left behind might well have been antiques themselves and at times I was concerned that once their structural support was removed the woodworm might win, but the talented craftsmen that made them knew their stuff. 314 more words

Stash Busting

Puritan Lady

Another unnamed portrait by an unnamed artist, this time in the Berwick Museum and Art Gallery. The canvas is dated 1638 and the title it’s been given says she’s a puritan. 210 more words


Tiny Stitches/WPC


This crochet needle is for thread work. Tiny stitches make for pretty lace.

For the Weekly Photo Challenge, I decided to go with the current project. 43 more words

Expressing Jesus's Love with a Handkerchief  

Today my Christian mentor and I officiated a memorial service for a local Latino family who’d requested we perform the service in their home for financial reasons. 425 more words

The finished kerchief!

What do you do if you want to cover your head somehow in the sun, but you don’t want the bulk of a hat?

Enter the kerchief! 230 more words


Luxurious Club Room® Pocket Squares By The Bunch

An impressive vertical display of luxurious Macys® Club Room Pocket Squares in every conceivable color. Nothing upgrades the look of your suit like a stylish necktie and pocket square combination. 169 more words

Store Fixtures