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Robin welcomes the day

song remains as light–
an aural after-image
reflected in green

opening the door to spring–
releasing the burdened night

I missed Draw-a-Bird Day yesterday (again!) but… 22 more words


Beggar's Ride

What lies beyond up?

Shadows, a winding staircase,
a journey without end.

Clouds traveling unwalled–
a fool’s ship, a beggar’s ride,
a castle in the sky. 95 more words


full earth

I consulted the Magnetic Oracle for a haiku to go with my May grid.

moon blossoms between
rain root and seed song—bird boughs
blanket the wild wind


May Day

Breath held, returning
we rise, dance the beginning
open to the sun.

Spiraling blessings hum wind,
blood lines quickening, bowing.

For Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday, with synonyms for sing and celebrate.  93 more words


what is it good for? (#9)

long and
short of war
is recorded
in absence—spattered
between the holes in the
skin of ordinary lives–
those empty spaces echoing
with unknowing, with what could have been… 137 more words



these wells of wishes–
falling up into the air–
held by waves of light

For NaPoWriMo Day 29 and Sue Vincent’s photo prompt above.

Art inspired by Joan Mitchell’s “Grande Vallee”.