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Most of the afternoon I have had Kermit the frog’s voice in my head saying alli-ga-tor. I tried to find a clip on Youtube of just that part of The Muppet Movie but sadly I could not. 751 more words


Today is brought to you by the letter...M

Well, miraculously we have reached the middle of the alphabet on the middle day of April…I’d like to say that was planned, but it really wasn’t, however the symmetry pleases me. 1,771 more words

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Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?

I think so, Brain … but no green stars? What about Kermit?


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30 People On The Worst Sex Advice They’ve Ever Gotten

Found on AskReddit.

1. Sex on the beach

“Sex on the beach. Sure it’s great if you’re into fucking a pocket made of sandpaper, my poor ex was in agony for about 2 weeks afterwards.” 1,253 more words