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TV Theme Friday: 'Muppet Babies'

The don’t make Saturday Morning Cartoons like they used to, do they?

Case in point is the “Muppet Babies.”

The cartoon ran on CBS from September of 1984 until November of 1991, which is longer than a whole lot of live action series last! 77 more words


"LeBron's Still Pissed"

A lot of people questioned whether LeBron James would ever win a title in Cleveland. And you know what, he’s well aware.

Shortly after the Cavs capped off their comeback, LeBron… 146 more words


About Rainbows!!!

Have you ever wanted to be somewhere else? Maybe you feel like you don’t fit in and you’d rather be over the rainbow. Well, you’ll soon realize all the great people in your life who will miss you if you weren’t there. 100 more words

4 Line Stories: The Silence of The Hams

Stuck on a deserted island for over a year

With no way back to Sesame Street

Kermit finally gave in to his hunger pains

Miss Piggy was a painfully tasteful treat… 8 more words


Should I Keep Writing?

When I was six years old, I spent countless hours alone in my room playing this game I’d made up. I’d take one of those small plastic “bubbles” – the kind that held those cheap little treasures that you’d get for a quarter at the grocery store – and throw it onto my bed. 756 more words