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Kermit or nah? Let's discuss Rihanna's very GREEN iHeartRadio Awards outfit

Clearly, Rihanna does what she wants and wears what she wants — and we love her for it.

But, when we saw her in head-to-toe green Versace for the first performance of her new song… 141 more words


Sunday Runday

I’ve been pretty bad about running lately. Ever since “Spring Forward” I have made the darkness an easy out. Now, two weeks later, it’s already getting lighter early enough to stop making that excuse and I’m hoping my run today will propel me toward that. 369 more words


If you missed the snowday

In case you missed it: The snow day that occurred just before spring break had Richland’s campus white and silent for the most part on March 5. 51 more words

Melanie Brandow

It's Not Easy Being Green . . .

Well said, Kermit, well said

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by Meg Scanlon

Meg Scanlon

Kermit the Rapist


Other than running and doing the tape and playing various indoor competitive sports, I haven’t done any real workout in a month. I went to the gym today with no real intention of doing anything at all, but the weight room was nearly empty so a friend and I went in. 390 more words

Parent-child Relationships

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[caption id="attachment_501" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Bad kermit, prison blog, cellmates, cellies Bad Kermit[/caption] This is a blog about a mother and her son Vince who is in prison for the second time. It is his letters to her and her posts about how she deals with what she reads. It takes a lot of courage to do this and not lose hope about whether your son will learn this time around, or is he too institutionalized to make it on his own anymore. It's a tough ride. Good luck.

The Muppets take the Clippers

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We’ve seen the Muppets take Manhattan, but it looks like they’ve finally made it out West. Yesterday in Los Angeles, as the Clippers hosted the Houston Rockets, the Muppets were all over the Staples Center. 152 more words

Off The Court

The Hand That Moves Me

Here’s a poem about a well-known person, from the perspective of another . . .

It goes something like this . . .

The Hand that Moves Me…

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