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Η Miss Piggy είναι άπιστη και ο Kermit της αφιερώνει Beyoncé.

Δεν είναι μόνο ο Jay Z που δε μπορεί να παραμείνει πιστός, το ίδιο άτακτη είναι και η Miss Piggy, αναγκάζοντας τον δύσμοιρο Kermit… 6 more words


WATCH: Kermit Covers Beyonce's "Hold Up" & It Is Both Heartbreaking & Adorable!

Beyonce’s “Hold Up” is one of the best songs on “Lemonade.”

You know it, I know it, Kermit knows it. Yes, Kermit.

In fact, Kermit just decided to let his inner Bey shine and covered the reggae-tune. 121 more words


"Y" the Muppets didn't work

It’s time to kill the music

It’s time to dim the lights

It’s time to reboot the Muppets.

Last night I read, not to my surprise, that Kermit and the gang and it’s newest incarnation of The Muppets would not be returning to ABC. 394 more words


A Nigerian Pastor Blasts South African #Blessers and Blesses, Calls Kenny Kunene a pastor

Dr. Charles Awuzie is best described as a dynamic bible expositor and CEO of Gemsbok Group Pty. Ltd. He is followed by several thousands of people on social media for his inspiring micro blogs on issues of Spirituality and faith, relationships and marriages, life and death. 608 more words

It ain't easy being green (or a tween)

Think you’ve got growing pains? Consider the frog:

  • Human Puberty — you grow hair
  • Frog Puberty — you grow legs

Both are admittedly awkward times… but if you get bullied, just remember…

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