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Miss Piggy Covers Adele's ''Hello''

Miss Piggy covers Adele’s ”Hello”:

This is the best parody ever! You can see Miss Piggy gets in to the part, showing off all her diva style! 14 more words


The Muppets Covered "Hello" And It Was A Hit

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So the real question here is… is this a dig at Adele? The reason this worked so well and was so hilarious is that Adele 100% looks like Miss Piggy. 130 more words

The Muppets do....Adele

The Muppets are taking on Adele in the latest advert for their TV series. Well Miss Piggy is anyway. 29 more words


Miss Piggy And Kermit The Frog Perfectly Parodied Adele's 'Hello' Video

At Sunday evening’s American Music Awards, two Muppets acted out their own version of Adele‘s “Hello” video. You may be aware of Kermit and Piggy’s… 178 more words


How Bout Them Muppets

the muppets.  so we’re now a few episodes into Henson’s triumphant return to the small screen.  and I’m starting to feel it. 652 more words


What is better than ninety-nine followers?

Hello, bookworms

As of today, there officially are a 100 bookworms wriggling around on my blog!


This is the part where I am supposed to say I never imagined this ever happening, which is true. 161 more words

Hey, A Movie!: Fourth Wall Breaks

What is breaking the fourth wall?

Breaking the fourth wall means doing or saying something that either explicitly or implicitly acknowledges the artificiality of the environment and the fact that both the presenters and audience are aware of that artificiality.

338 more words
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