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The Muppets set for the Hollywood Bowl

The Muppets will take to the stage at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles next month, their first live shows in the gang’s 60 year history. 77 more words


Grammar Memes

Both memes put a fun twist on grammar reminders. The first is in reference to proofreading and reviewing work and the second is in reference to the debated Oxford comma which I personally believe is necessary. 94 more words


"Awww, do you love your Kermit?"

Here is an adorable encounter between Kermit and a sweet little girl who can’t possibly be older than two.  Is there anything more beautiful or precious in this world than authentic, unscripted interaction between Muppets and kids?

I love my Kermit.  :)

The False Dilemma Between Steve and Matt

They think me Macbeth; ambition is my folly.
                        –Alexander Hamilton in Hamilton (Lin-Manuel Miranda, lyricist)

It may seem like a bit of a strain to apply…

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Substitute teacher day

As I said yesterday, there are things going on in my life right now to which I need to attend, so I don’t necessarily have time to write long, thought-out posts at the moment, as much as I would like to.   260 more words

Talking to my ten-year-old self

Lately I’ve found myself with not so much  a writer’s block but with sort of a writer’s log jam.  There are so many things that I want to say; it’s all sort of jamming together in my brain, all trying to get out at the same time.   799 more words

Salient Themes: Jim Henson versus bullies

“Dear Mr. Dionne: 
              What the fuck are you talking about?
                                                       Yours truly,
                                                       Jim Henson”
–Response to the 1960s equivalent of an Internet troll (quoted in…

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