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A brief tutorial on sk_buff

I’ve found a short tutorial on skb_buff structure here. It might be useful for you as well. :)


The Kernel Imperial Brown Stout London 1856

Imperial stout på 10% alkoholvolum fra dette lille London-bryggeriet som dessverre ikke eksporterer til Norge.

Helt sort øl med en høy og tett lysbrun skumkrone som varer gjennom hele glasset. 83 more words


Are We Smart Enough to Use Kind Words?

My title might seem oddly out of place on a tech blog, but a slashdot post today led me to an email thread for linux kernel developers, and the thread and its fallout leave me troubled. 720 more words


RITE talk held at LinuxCon Europe 2015

Per Hurtig and Andreas Petlund presented some of the RITE prototypes that has been implemented in the Linux kernel at Linux Conference Europe 6.10.2015. LinuxCon Europe 2015 had 1484 registered attendees and gathers core competence from the open source community, both developers, businesses and academics. 105 more words


OVS: An issue with ovsdb-doc

Depending on the OVS version (in my case 2.4), you may find an error with ‘nroff’ python package during the compilation process. I fixed the problem by updating the ‘ovsdb-doc’ file. 24 more words