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The Corn that Didn't Pop

Once there was a little corn kernel popping popping away. It had three minutes to catch up with the hundreds of kernels around him. What a frenzy it was! 109 more words

Investigating kernel dives using ftrace.

This blogpost is about using the linux ftrace kernel facility. If you are familiar with ftrace and specifically the function_graph tracer, you might already be aware of this functionality. 2,115 more words


The Benefits of Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Real Time

To deliver the best of predictability on real-time workloads, the Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Real Time provides state-of-art on determinism for the bullet-proof RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) platform. 2,309 more words

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Linux Kernel Modules - 101

Why Linux Kernel Modules?

It’s 2016, and Linux kernel is about to turn 25 in a few days from now. Why am I writing about a “Hello World” Linux kernel module now? 1,169 more words


The Complete Alphabetical List of Kali Linux Commands

This list was compiled by Harold Finch in Cybrary 0P3N. I just wanted to share it. Credit and intellectual property belongs to Harold, follow him at Cybrary. 1,438 more words


Porting Support Vector Machine Models from R to Another Language - Part 2

This second part of “Porting Support Vector Machine Models…” explains the algorithm for prediction of new data by nonlinear support vector machines (SVM) and Gaussian radial basis kernel. 509 more words

Support Vector Machines

An overview of NFWS


I attended the most awaited Netfilter Workshop in Amsterdam. It was a great experience. I met so many amazing people, some also guided me about my future plans. 762 more words