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Windows Kernel Exploits

Windows by default are vulnerable to several vulnerabilities that could allow an attacker to execute malicious code in order to abuse a system. From the other side patching systems sufficiently is one of the main problems in security. 639 more words

Privilege Escalation

[BASIC] Android kernel

As you may know, Android is a very popular mobile platform nowadays. But do we really know everything about it ? This series will help us get into one of the core part of Android, its kernel. 270 more words


Linux Kernel in a Single Map

Internet runs on Linux, everybody knows this fact. The Linux kernel is one of the most complex and popular open source projects. There is tons of material available online. 190 more words


Writing your first Linux kernel module


This post is going to cover how you can build and run your first kernel module.


  1. Basic C Programming
  2. A bit of what kernel is…
  3. 750 more words

AMD USB 3.X with kernel/IOMMU issue fix

The MSI/Gigabyte AMD motherboards are well known having several issue with USB 3.X front port in combination with Linux for long time now. and here’s how to fix that. 68 more words


A brief summary about Android on Rockchip devices (Part 1: Boot partition)

I’ve worked with many Android devices but Rockchip is something that has impressed me the most.

1. Kernel

If you’ve worked with Rockchip, you will obviously know that Rockchip’s kernel can use across devices running the same chipset. 132 more words


Abstract Kernel

I didn’t quite know what to make of this except it seems a bit rainbow-ish. My wife thinks it looks like a colorful ear of corn. 36 more words

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