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Windows: Dispatching and Scheduling (a short explanation)

Last week a student asked about the correct difference between Dispatching and Scheduling on Windows systems. Of course, this a long topic to talk and write, mainly when the time is very tight, but I will try to summarize the topic below. 693 more words


Alice's Drink (London and Oxford)


I visited London with the specific purpose of crashing a map lecture by Tom Harper at the British Library. It was not the only reason, but it was up there. 1,249 more words


Linux Driver Development Part 3 - Starting to mess with I/O

This post is part 2 of the Linux Driver Development series.

In the second part we built a basic skeleton where driver could be built upon. 1,884 more words

Raspberry PI


It all started in the ground, just beneath the surface. Roots firmly placed in the rich soil began to uptake only the nutrients just right for its growth. 804 more words

Linux Boot Process

What are we going to learn ?

Stages Involved In Boot Process

Lets explore today what really happens when you switch on the power on button of your system and you get Linux login prompt screen… 465 more words


Linux: Prologue

Chances are, if you have been on the internet much, you have probably heard of the operating system called ‘Linux’. However, many people have very little in the way of actual (or supposed) knowledge about this operating system. 635 more words