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The magic of #strace

A collogue of mine showed me some magic today.

Here is the magic command:

strace -ttt -fff -o rm rm /tmp/t

The result is like magic: 329 more words


Melihat atau Cek Versi dan Kernel Ubuntu

Saya bukanlah seorang blogger sejati atau penulis rutin di blog atau apa lah istilahnya. Saya hanya memanfaatkan blog untuk menyimpan catatan kecil saya ketika menemukan solusi dari suatu masalah sehingga ketika satu hal yang terlupakan bisa saya lihat kembali dalam blog saya tanpa harus pusing memikir keyword untuk… 137 more words


Kernel Compilation in Jiffies

I do compile Kernel couple of times a day. Most of times it’s just few minutes on my Power8 box, which is pretty fast. Given that make command is smart enough to figure out the changes made to the kernel sources and just re-compile the units/targets based on the timestamp, the re-compilation time reduced to quite a bit from the initial fresh compile of the kernel, based on how many files and their dependent target/object are dependent on the changesets/patch. 545 more words


Two Roadside Winter Snacks Of Karachi

Arrival of winter brings warm clothes, hot beverages, long night chats in front of fireplace and all other things you can imagine to keep your blood stream running smoothly during those chilly days and frosting nights. 53 more words


The Oracle wait interface granularity of measurement

The intention of this blogpost is to show the Oracle wait time granularity and the Oracle database time measurement granularity. One of the reasons for doing this, is the Oracle database switched from using the function gettimeofday() up to version 11.2 to clock_gettime() to measure time. 2,118 more words


How to setup ASA 5520 on GNS3

GNS3 (Graphical Network Simulator) is a fabulous open source software that emulates the routers and other networking hardware. It’s widely used for studying, designing and testing the networks. 369 more words

'Rooted' | What's that?

The biggest term that you may have heard around Smartphone blogs, or news sites, or forums, is “Rooting.” Now what does that mean? 570 more words