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Runtime configuring printk - stop kernel printk from flooding the console

Sometimes while debugging kernel/module, unnecessary kernel messages keeps flooding console such that you are not able to have access of console in useful manner to check output of a command or do some task. 232 more words


How to determine who sent a particular signal to a process by SystemTap

  • Install packages necessary to setup and configure systemtap
  • The following Systemtap script can be used to obtain this information, you need to specify the receiving execname and signal name as arguments…
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File permissions

Linux, like UNIX, is a multi-user system, and file permissions are one way the system protects against malicious tampering.

One way to gain entry when you are denied permission is to su to root. 1,755 more words


fsck: An Overview


The system utility fsck (for “file system consistency check”) is a tool for checking the consistency of a file system in Unix and Unix-like operating systems, such as Linux and OS X. 501 more words


How to autorelabel SELinux for an entire file system?

If the system is starting from Disabled mode, then you have to reboot and relabel the system twice, first in Permissive mode, then in Enforcing.  That is: 66 more words


How to remove multiple rpm packages with the same name?

  • When removing rpm packages, errors may occur when multiple packages with the same name are installed. This can happen when the two packages are different versions or if the two packages have different architecture.
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How to increase the number of semaphores?

To increase the number of available semaphores

Edit /etc/sysctl.conf to add the line:

kernel.sem = 250 32000 32 256

Please Note: The ‘=’ (is (space)=(space)) – spaces are important in this file. 201 more words