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Photography: Trish Jean

I joined in a really great writing workshop at the Uni of NSW the other night. One of the exercises we did was to write either a poem or prose using the following words, which were selected by the participants. 137 more words

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Understanding the Linux Booting Process

Linux is an engineering marvel of the modern age that ushered the open source revolution and breathtaking innovation in the computing world. The Linux booting process is as amazing as the Linux itself. 896 more words


¿Qué es GNU / Linux?

Alguna vez nos hicimos esa pregunta, pues respondiendo: Linux es un sistema operativo: un conjunto de programas que le permiten interactuar con el ordenador y ejecutar otros programas. 581 more words


Incorrect argument handling in sendmsg(2)

To all the FreeBSD users out there, don’t forget to update your systems.

The sendmsg(2) system call allows to send data to a socket.  The data
may be accompanied by optional ancillary data. 15 more words

Natural Hairstyles For Relaxed Hair

I know reading this title may have you a little confused but that’s the same way I feel when I see this invisible wall dividing us by our hair types and textures. 764 more words


Lecture about Malware and Memory Analysis at UNASP University

Dear readers, how are you? Yesterday, MAY/17, I taught a lecture about Malware and Memory Analysis at UNASP university. Follow few photos:

Honestly, I really had a very good time. 35 more words


Migrated from Debian 32bit to 64bit through dual boot

The desktop where I do most of my stuff is a Debian testing 32bit. Recently Google Chrome team declared the end of support of 32bit Linux distributions, and I decided to take the occasion to migrate towards a 64bit Debian. 528 more words