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Why I won't be attending Systems We Love

Systems We Love is a one day event in San Francisco to talk excitedly about systems computing. When I first heard about it, I was thrilled! 1,619 more words

Linux kernel bug: DirtyCOW "easyroot" hole and what you need to know

Here comes what we’re calling a bus-scenario BWAIN.

DirtyCOW, as it’s been satirically dubbed, is a kernel bug in Linux that’s been around for at least 11 years and as good as allows any existing user to turn themselves into the all-powerful system administrator known in the Linux world as… 949 more words


NUMA Linux Memory Allocation

Scope of Memory Policies

System Default Policy

Hard coded into the kernel. On system boot it uses interleaved. After bootup it uses local allocation… 346 more words


Linux kernel bugs: we add them in and then take years to get them out

Kees Cook is a Google techie and security researcher whose interests include the Linux Kernel Self Protection Project.

The idea of “self-protection” doesn’t mean giving up on trying to create secure code in the first place, of course. 670 more words


Ubuntu LivePatch is Enabled

What a coincidence! I just had to reboot lkishalmi.eu this afternoon after ~20 days of uptime in order to apply kernel and docker changes. I briefly thought when would we use the Live Kernel patching feature which is one of the big features in the 4.x series of the Linux Kernel… Well I sighed and went on with the reboot. 44 more words

Opening in an IT Industry for "Device Driver Developer"

Designation:- Device Driver Developer

Positions:- 2

Job Description :

  • Experience in bringing up boards for 32 bit controller powerpc, ti etc
  • Experience in vxworks…
  • 66 more words
IT Industry

Creamy Corn Soup


Butter 20g

Flour 3 tsp

Frozen corn kernels (as much as you like)


Cream 3 tsp

Onion bits


Black pepper
1. Heat butter in the pan. 66 more words