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The Eudyptula Challenge - Part #2

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Hello there. Little is back, and so is me. I’m returning to the eudyptula challenge, restarting from task #06. By the way, I just sent it to Little a few minutes before writing this post — I hope it is right… 580 more words

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So, after finally fixing my environment, and manually having to use 3.17 kernel, I have a running environment, but Dungeon Defenders still hangs, and Dota 2… 31 more words



I think I have figured out why my machine has been playing up.

In both cases, my machine was trying to run kernel 3.19, but after checking… 252 more words


QEMU and Linux Kernel

The original and complete text can be found here.

QEMU can be used for debugging Linux kernel. The text below, is small piece of the entire text which can be found… 198 more words


Differences between vmlinux and zImage

  • More details can be found here.

vmlinuz v.s zImage

“When you want to debug the kernel you need a little understanding of how the kernel is composed. 133 more words


What happens when you run an app?

One of the commonest everyday mysteries of Macs is how they run apps.

If you are content with the one word answer “Because”, then when something goes wrong – an app crashes or quits immediately that you try to start it – you will be unable to know what to do next. 1,321 more words


BPF Internals - I

Recent post by Brendan Gregg inspired me to write my own blog post about my findings of how Berkeley Packet Filter (BPF) evolved, it’s interesting history and the immense powers it holds – the way Brendan calls it ‘brutal’. 1,643 more words