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Weather in Ketchikan

Everyone has their own idea when it comes to Alaska, especially if they have never been there. Some think of how it’s always cold and snowy, some think about how it’s dark for half the year and light for the other half. 501 more words


Ketchikan, Alaska From The Boat

Ketchikan is a small fisherman town within the Inside Passage of Alaska and a popular stopping point for cruise ships. It was the first port of a Celebrity Alaskan Cruise I went on a while back. 404 more words


Fishing in Ketchikan, Alaska

When you think fishing in Alaska, what comes to mind? Most people would probably think world class salmon fishing with people standing elbow to elbow in hopes of hooking an unsuspecting sockeye salmon or perhaps dropping a line several hundred feet to the ocean bottom for a chance at hooking up with a barn door sized halibut. 503 more words



Since Naha Bay we are officially in Behm Canal.

KLU BAY. Almost six hours after leaving Naha Bay we pulled into Klu Bay which is at the head of Shrimp Bay. 1,013 more words

Sweet T

Deer in Ketchikan

A beautiful deer right off the side of the road near the Rainbird Trailhead.

Delicious Ketchikan Halibut

Why do tourists visit Ketchikan, Alaska? Some may argue that it’s the vistas, or because of its backyard playground, the wildlife, the rich culture, or even the…..weather?! 491 more words