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Flu Season Strikes Back

The Ketchikan Public Health Center reported that the number of flu cases in Ketchikan has doubled from last year. Ketchikan High School Principal Bob Marshall is fully aware of the problem and wants to take care of it. 106 more words


Sam Pitcher Memorial Concert

The Sam Pitcher Memorial Concert will take place on Tuesday, Dec. 8 at 7:00 p.m. in the Kayhi Auditorium. There will be a series of performances by groups including the Windjammers, the Scattered Sunshine Trombone Choir, as well as the Schoenbar Jazz Band. 55 more words

Kayhi Activities

KOI at Kayhi

Chanell Browne
Staff Writer

PBIS is a new education program created by KOI (Knowledge Outcomes Impact) that’s being implemented in schools across the country. The goal of the program is to help students focus more in school and to stabilize their behavior. 203 more words


In-Flight Adventures

I just got back from visiting family over Thanksgiving week. It was great to see everyone and share stories and memories. The last time I visited was 11 months ago, when I was driving across the country to my new home in Ketchikan, Alaska.  582 more words


Today I am Grateful ...

(With apologies to the Ketchikan Daily News–I wrote this for their AdLib column but forgot to send it while on vacation last week.)

For the past few weeks the Library has had a display across from the circulation desk, asking people to finish the sentence, ‘Today I am grateful ___’. 401 more words

Ketchikan Theatre Ballet

Largim Zhuta
Staff Writer

Ketchikan Theatre Ballet performed a condensed version of The Nutcracker at the Ketchikan Public Library and the Ketchikan Pioneer Home on Sunday. 223 more words

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