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How'd This Week Go? 12/03/16

This week I lost 6.0 pounds!

This week I felt awesome. I didn’t go through any crazy low-carb symptoms since I took it easy and I have some leeway in the amount of carbs I can have each day.  168 more words


Keto Roti!!!

Makes: 4-5 rotis

Almond Flour (I used this one) – 1 Cup
Flax meal – 3/4 Cup
Coconut Flour (I used this one… 317 more words


Eat All The Fats!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving last week. :) It was certainly nice to see my family and have it be totally stress-free this year. The turkey was perfect. 342 more words


Diet and Cancer

In the past, when patients received a diagnosis of cancer and asked the doctor, “What should I eat?” the answer was usually, “It doesn’t matter. You can eat anything.” In the past decade, that mainstream medical perspective has changed. 536 more words

Ketogenic Diet: Tips - Calorie Ratio Search

I was lurking on the /r/keto sub on Reddit and found a potentially useful link, which seems worth sharing. It was shared by https://www.reddit.com/user/jonathan_bart

If you use the below link, you can hover and click on the ratios you like to use. 71 more words




Let’s discuss CARB CYCLING today asTime is a flat circle. Things come and go in cycles. Notions and ideas fade as resurface time and time again in an infinite loop. 2,332 more words

Bodybuilding Supplements

Low Carb Meal Plan for December

It’s that time of year again! Can you believe it? Every time I turn around, I can hardly believe that there is already a chill in the air and a Christmas tree in our living room. 444 more words