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Hawaiian Comfort Food

This past weekend was HOT! El nino? Global Warming? FOUR fricken hurricanes threatening Hawaii in 2 weeks? Pick one of the above and I’m sure you’d be correct. 526 more words

Keto/Grain Free Sesame Wasabi Chicken

Preparing your meals in advance is a great way to improve your eating habits, reduce your spending, and fuel your fitness goals.

This delicious Sesame Wasabi Chicken took a total of 15 minutes to prepare, cook and serve (or pack) and will feed me and my partner for the next four meals (that’s two lunches and two dinners each) at a cost-per-serving of roughly $3.50 (less if you already have soy sauce +wasabi). 420 more words

Good Eats

Kruh brez ogljikovih hidratov

Kruh brez ogljikovih hidratov, primeren za vse, ki ste na ketonski dieti, ki pazite na vnos ogljikovih hidratov ali pa za tiste, ki ste se naveličali navadnega kruha in bi radi poskusili nekaj novega. 78 more words

Zdravi In Fit Recepti

The Ugly Truth About Ketogenic Diets

I subscribe to the Weekly Dose from T-Nation.  No – I am not a muscle-bound big gun guy.  I am lucky if I can stop the clock from taking away all of my strength.   390 more words

Low Carb

Weekly Weigh-In: Feeling Zen About Weight Gain

As expected I’m up a few pounds. Four to be exact. And as predicted, I’m not freaked out by it. I’m back on track eating wise. 206 more words


The Whistler Result

An interesting thing about experimentation is trying to understand all the different factors at play when trying to determine what the fuck is going on. 1,505 more words

Chris Thoreau

Keto Gives Me Freedom from the Blood Sugar Roller Coaster

Today was quite a stressful day. My car’s radiator blew up on Thursday, so I was without a car. Additionally, my sink was clogged and water was leaking everywhere, so I was unable to use my kitchen to prepare food.  814 more words

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