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Some New (Old) Health Concepts

I will be picking up pace on producing content for this blog. Currently I am interested in some schisms in different online communities, especially the MGTOW and MRAs, and will be writing about this (as it teeters on becoming mainstream) as well as my usual interest in health, fitness and sex. 1,028 more words


How Does a Ketogenic Diet Affect YOU? Part 3: C-Reactive Protein: A Marker of Inflammation

by Katie Mark

The latest craze surrounding the ketogenic diet has us further investigating whether or not a high-fat/low-carbohydrate lifestyle might be an appropriate dietary approach for some people. 815 more words

Nutrition Research

Healthy amidst an outbreak

From all our hospital stays over the years, it’s hard to believe we would be here while Ladybug is healthy.

No IV’s beeping at all hours of the night, no surgeries, no pokes, no fevers. 246 more words


Tonight as I went out for a walk after dark just to make sure I reached my goal of 12,000 steps I started feeling exhausted. Exhausted from always worrying about how many carbs are in something, making sure I’m getting enough protein, making sure I’m drinking enough water, walking enough steps, getting my workout in. 329 more words


Stupid scale! 

This is how I’m feeling today! The scale is still sitting at 234.2 for the 4th day in a row. It won’t budge!

Weight Loss

Are You Ready For Monday?

Not really sure where the weekend went, but it’s gone again.  I haven’t been super happy with the scale.  Tuesday was 233, Wednesday was 233, Thursday was 231.8, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday was 234.   363 more words


Recipe: Tuna, Carrot & Pea Pie

All of my recipes are for my son’s prescription and are unique to him.  They will NEED TO BE ADAPTED for your individual prescription.  You should NEVER attempt any kind of ketogenic diet without medical supervision. 265 more words

Ketogenic Diet