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Ketogenic dieting; this is not a how to, this is what I do.

First entry on the blog so I should explain why I’m starting this.

For a long time I have been following various versions of ketogenic diets. 108 more words


Fairlife: Low-Carb Milk!

Have you seen the commercials for the new milk called ‘Fairlife?’ If you did, you must know there are a couple of things that the commercial won’t tell you. 402 more words

Low-Carb Diet

So, What is this Ketogenic Thing Again . . . ?

I’ve personally been following and prescribing ketogenic diets to my patients for the last nine years.  When I started on my ketogenic journey, it was called a “Low Carbohydrate Diet.” Over the last 5-10 years, we’ve learned a thing or two about how the body processes carbohydrate, protein and fat. 988 more words

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Chocolate Chip Food PORN

Consider yourself warned . . . !  What follows is “Low-Carb Food PORN.”  I’m not completely sure if it is just that these are catching my eye, or if my favorite Low-Carb recipe goddesses are just posting from the recipe snack bar today, but WOW! 63 more words

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Recipe: Rhubarb Crumble

Our next door neighbour came round with armfuls of rhubarb from his allotment, so I thought I’d have a go at a rhubarb crumble for the little man.   185 more words

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Crispy Fat Bomb

I am always impressed by good pictures, great recipes and and scrumptious food. My wife knows this. Finding great ketogenic recipes is essential. The reason, is that to loose weight and remain in ketosis, it is often essential to increase fat intake to at least 50% of your total calories.   104 more words

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Does Ketogenic diet have any health benefits particularly in Cancer?

Tina asked me whether Ketogenic diet is good for cancer. I promised her that I would do some research and get back. Next day one of my patients, Nandita, said she is actually on ketogenic diet to lose weight, no carb, only fat and protein. 550 more words