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Ketogenic foods.

There are many many foods that fit well into a ketogenic diet. A lot of people say that this way of eating restricts you to the point of insanity. 129 more words


Ketogenic diets for fat loss; optimal vs sustainable.

one of the worst ‘protocols’ I have seen online is becoming particularly prevelant. I will outline it below.


This is not a how to. Part 2.

The most common things you read about Ketogenic diets are for the most part untrue. I mean this from both sides of the fence, the proponents and the opponents. 327 more words


Ketogenic dieting; this is not a how to, this is what I do.

First entry on the blog so I should explain why I’m starting this.

For a long time I have been following various versions of ketogenic diets. 108 more words


FIXX: Ketosis IS yours in MINUTES with Ketopia, FIXX will help you STAY there!


FIXX is a convenient, organic chocolate meal replacement shake made with the highest-quality standards on earth.

In today’s fast paced lifestyle, many of us skip breakfast, grab take-out for lunch, condensed protein bar or junk food for a snack because we simply don’t have the time to prepare quality nutritious meals throughout the day. 1,178 more words


So, What is this Ketogenic Thing Again . . . ?

I’ve personally been following and prescribing ketogenic diets to my patients for the last nine years.  When I started on my ketogenic journey, it was called a “Low Carbohydrate Diet.” Over the last 5-10 years, we’ve learned a thing or two about how the body processes carbohydrate, protein and fat. 988 more words

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