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The Ugly Truth About Ketogenic Diets

I subscribe to the Weekly Dose from T-Nation.  No – I am not a muscle-bound big gun guy.  I am lucky if I can stop the clock from taking away all of my strength.   390 more words

Low Carb

The Whistler Result

An interesting thing about experimentation is trying to understand all the different factors at play when trying to determine what the fuck is going on. 1,505 more words

Chris Thoreau

The Whistler Situation

Ok, maybe it;s a bit dramatic to call it a situation, but…it’s raining.

Now rain is often a good thing for a race, except for two things in this case: 125 more words

Chris Thoreau

Oh, um, hi. Long time no see.

Soooo, it’s been a while. Like two months. Summer got the best of me. I spent a lot of it traveling, working, and planning a bachelorette party for my best friend. 470 more words

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Ketosis and Fasting

The following information is from an article by sue reith and goalguide.com

  • Ketosis happens during fasting, low carb diets or pregnancy.
  • in my terms, ketosis is a condition in which the body uses its own muscle and/or body fat as an energy source instead of food.
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Woke up quick at about noon, just thought I had to have some Brussel Sprouts soon...and maple bacon (lardon)

Sorry there is nothing gangsta about brussel sprouts but I got that movie on my mind so I went with it.  What say you Eazy? 459 more words

Friday Update - 8/28/15

This week is mainly about the NSVs (non scale victories) for me!

Even though I didn’t have any real change on the scale I did notice a real difference in how my clothes fit. 175 more words