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"Medical Reversals?"

An interesting NYT blog piece on medical reversals

The consequences of medical reversal are complicated. For starters, reversal challenges the notion that medicine is scientific — the premise that a century ago helped doctors to exorcise images of snake oil and hucksterism.

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The Ketogenic Antidote to Chronic Renal Disease

It is well know that one of the most profound complications of diabetes is damage to the kidney and the very small arteries within the kidney acting as your body’s filtration system.   487 more words

Low Carb

Keto Adapted Endurance Athletes

Endurance athletes who ‘go against the grain’ become incredible fat-burners

Elite performance on diet with minimal carbs represents paradigm shift in sports nutrition

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Low Carb

Just in case...

One of the worst things about being overweight, for me and, I’m sure many others, is self-perception. We somehow never feel quite worthy of love, of good health, of success. 70 more words

Day 1 6/1 keto diet 11/15/2015

What is a 6/1 keto diet? And why am I doing it? I am doing this diet to prove this diet works and also because i will feel healthier at a lighter weight. 241 more words

Weight Loss

Everything You Need To Know About Ketosis on Behance

If you are not familiar with the ketosis or the use of ketones to lose weight, don’t worry

Weekend Roundup: High-fat diets for athletic performance; why moderation is bad diet advice; and more

“Once you realize that failure is certain, it’s a lot easier to focus on impact instead.” 

                                                                         -Seth Godin

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