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What is Ketosis?

*Disclaimer – I am not an expert on ketosis by any means.  But I do have a working understanding of anatomy & physiology and am intrigued by the science of how this diet works.  1,028 more words


40 Day Water Fast Day 4

Waking weight: 142lbs.

My headache got so bad last night I had to stop studying and go to sleep because of the pain. When I woke up this morning it was almost gone, but I woke up in the night and ate about half a cup of white rice and a handful of blueberries without thinking before I woke up enough to stop myself! 419 more words

Super Easy High Fat Coleslaw Dressing

Coleslaw. It just brings visions of summer, barbecues and in our house, hamburgers. And that’s exactly what’s happening tonight . Shortly I’ll be turning my Keto Mammoth Meatloaf into patties for barbecuing (or perhaps in the frying pan, we will see if the sunshine holds out) and what better to go with them then some ‘slaw? 118 more words


Cinnamon Crumble Coffee Cake

One of the things that a lot of reformed carb addicts find difficult with staying true (and lets face it, strong) on a ketogenic, or low carb diet, is resisting sweets, like cookies and cakes. 319 more words


Treating Concussions

This probably doesn’t sound like the post you’ve been waiting for. This is, however, a post I’ve been meaning to write for quite some time. As the only PT at my clinic who treats patients suffering from Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS) I want to write about this topic for a few important reasons: 1,127 more words

Sleep Deprived Writing

A Happy Dieter?

The answer is yes. I’m actually a happy dieter. Honestly, at this point I’m not even calling this a “diet” in the terms we all know and loathe. 354 more words

Weight Loss

The KetoCure: Now Available for Pre-Order

Pre-order your copy of my new book that will be available on September 26, 2017.  

The ketogenic diet isn’t just a great tool for helping people lose weight and feel their best; it’s also an extremely effective method for treating the common “ 240 more words

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