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This mornings planned run at the gym didn’t happen. Was feeling tired and a bit sore this morning. Results Club last night was a sweaty affair! 166 more words

A Public Service Announcement (of sorts)

I am happy to report that since my last post that I have been extremely diligent with my diet and have not had any slip ups!  296 more words

Weight Loss


So today marks my 14th day on the exante diet plan, and I’m really loving it. I cannot believe  how much better I’ve been feeling on this diet, and I really think even when I start to introduce real foods into my diet, low carb is the way for me. 712 more words


Starting to run again and Lime & Coconut Cheesecake

After a lengthly lie in this morning I finally got up, laced up and headed out for a run.

I have been off running for about 4 months now. 528 more words

Handy Charts for Maintaining Ketosis

I found these charts to be very helpful when trying to calculate your fat intake with a meal. Fish can be challenging in calculating fat content. 31 more words

Low Carb

Having a good coach makes the difference

Recently I got a text from a friend ” when are you going to come work out at the Y with me”  I responded that I cant right now because I am in a metabolic state called ketosis where my body  burns its fat for energy. 526 more words



Ketosis: in non-scientific terms, this can be defined as the state your body gets into, when you limit your carbohydrate intake to approximately less than 60g a day. 750 more words