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Tim Noakes HPCSA Deposition Part 12 & The Public Health Collaboration

I get quite frustrated with situations revolving around the likes of Tim Noakes and Gary Fettke. However there are some good news stories out there too. 467 more words


"Remember, people? Not everybody worships Santa." - Egg Nog Fat Bombs

I’m trying to get myself into the holiday season. I got up my multi-faith lighted fake plant today and put away the Halloween decorations that had been sitting out for a month longer than the holiday. 186 more words

Fat Bomb

Starting Week 12

I have been sticking to my food macros pretty well lately. Because of my back I have been taking it slow with exercise. I have so far lost 19 pounds probably more but I didn’t have a scale to check my start weight. 351 more words

Eat All The Fats!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving last week. :) It was certainly nice to see my family and have it be totally stress-free this year. The turkey was perfect. 342 more words


Ketogenic Diet: Tips - Calorie Ratio Search

I was lurking on the /r/keto sub on Reddit and found a potentially useful link, which seems worth sharing. It was shared by https://www.reddit.com/user/jonathan_bart

If you use the below link, you can hover and click on the ratios you like to use. 71 more words


Good Morning, Day 3!

So, the fact that I’m writing this post is proof that I have survived two entire days without sugar! I have a tendency to be all or nothing when it comes to losing weight. 524 more words

Sugar Junkie

Hi. My name is Heather…and I’m a sugar addict. True story. It’s so bad. I’ve known it for years, but I never really felt the need to do anything about it. 248 more words