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Can You Get Into Ketosis While Drinking Alcohol?

As I decided to change my evil ways and give up bread and pasta, as well as all the other carbs that suck me in like a tractor beam, I knew my inner imp would not allow me to perform this feat which I haven’t been able to do for some time without *some* rascality along the way. 675 more words


Keto Caluculator: Find The Ratios Right For Your Ketogenic Diet


Last week I blogged about the ratio of the keto diet. The ratio I had been following is dicing my daily caloric intake into 65% dietary fat, 30% protein and 5% fat (20 grams of carbs)! 249 more words


Diane Kress' "Snake Oil Award" for May 24, 2016

Product: KETO OS by Pruvit….

“Supercharges your ketones in one hour or less! “
“Within an hour, blood ketones spike to 5.4mm/mmol!”
“Claims to “put you into ketosis!” 715 more words

Bacon Cheeseburger Soup

Ok… I know it’s not winter, but I just made some awesome bacon cheeseburger soup for dinner tonight!  It’s just one of those cloudy gloomy soup days- even if it is May…  :) 211 more words

Ketogenic Diet

Keto Lunch: Turkey, Cranberry Mozzarella Salad

Today I thought I would share a meal I prepped for lunch. Feel free to try this one out, because it was delicious! Sadly, I didn’t measure these out, but I did use the foods recommended in my last blog… 78 more words



Today is Sunday, the day for rest. I’ve been thinking and thinking on what to write. I have a goal weight to reach by July 29, 2016. 231 more words


Struggles of Primal living and loving beer

My biggest struggle is that…. I love beer. Not just any “beer” to end the day, or let’s go out for a “beer”. I am a beer snob and I’m proud to say it. 229 more words