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Journal: R1 VLCD5 (1.2 lbs/2.6 lbs lost)

Feeling: Good! 

8:05am – Happy Friday!! Another low-stress day J. The scale shows another 1.2lb loss for me, and another 2.6lbs for J. Woohoo!

It does get easier. 523 more words


Why I don't count calories (and am able to lose weight!!)

Over the years I’ve tried more than a handful of diets, lifestyle changes, and workout routines. My ultimate goal has always been to become as healthy as I possibly can, but fat loss was definitely an important factor in regards to the changes I made. 1,442 more words

Healthy Fats

Journal: R1 VLCD 4 (2.2 lbs/2.1 lbs lost!)

Feeling: Grumpy… 

8:03am – Morning. Woke up a little grumpy today… damn cat had to knock J’s lamp, fan, alarm clock and glasses off his bedside table at about 5am, waking us up and getting the adrenaline flowing. 676 more words


Day 17 #powerrehab: Getting somewhere.

There is a hole in my closet wall, in the very back behind the clothes I do not wear, my wedding dress, and the stacks of baby girl hand-me-downs. 726 more words


Today is the day!

This is my very first post! Today is an exciting day – I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about 13 years ago and have been managing this the way we are all told to – by eating a ‘normal healthy’ diet (i.e lots of carbs) and injecting insulin. 233 more words


The Whole 30 Adventure

I bit into the Whole 30 feast last year around this time and remember how great it was this time a year ago. I remember feeling lighter, more energized, leaner, having a clearer mind, and overall just plain healthy. 434 more words

Days 12-14 #powerrehab: I need to buy a chair.

This is the part where I begin to think, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”  I feel myself digging deep, looking for the responsible post, the the one that glimmers just enough to say, “Everyone!   467 more words