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A Guide to Kettlebells

Functional training is an excellent workout option for those who either fancy a break from their usual cardio routine, or those who simply wish to focus on their strength and muscle development. 353 more words

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Improve Cardiovascular Fitness with Kettlebell Training

High-intensity kettlebell training “significantly improved aerobic capacity… and could be used as an alternative mode to maintain or improve cardiovascular conditioning,” according to a study from the… 111 more words

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4th of July Full Body Workout Using A Kettlebell

Are you ready to get in shape? Kettlebells are all bells, no whistles. Resembling a mini bowling ball with a handle, kettlebells are great for cardio, strength, and flexibility training.  1,248 more words

New! Bigfoot Kettle Bell - 90.28lbs or 2.5Pood

I’ve found Bigfoot!
Do you dare lift?
This one is no urban myth!

A package carriers worst nightmare, the kettle bell that ‘broke the camels back’. 104 more words


Back on the Bell: Advanced Kettlebell Circuit

By Jaime Rice

Last post, I discussed the amazingly wonderful KettleBell and all it has to offer — to people of all fitness levels. The first circuit was… 218 more words

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Why do Squats with a kettlebell?

Squats with Kettlebell

This week I thought maybe I’d try to learn something new for my workout post. I often stick to roughly the same routines and runs so I thought why not use the blog as an excuse to try something new? 496 more words


Kettle bell exercises, use them to your advantage

The kettlebell is used as a strength and conditioning tool that integrates multi-joint full body movements. If you’re looking for much more than just hypertrophy (increasing the size of your muscles), such as in bodybuilding, but want a lean solid physique that is highly functional, then Kettlebells are for you! 124 more words

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