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Kettlebell workout – Build symmetry (advanced lifters)

In the first blog regarding this topic (see it here), we cover basic exercises for beginners. In this blog, we will include exercise for intermediate and advanced folks. 478 more words


Kettlebell HIIT for fat loss

No more than 30 minutes into your schedule? No problem! This workout lasts less than that, but you will feel like it lasts for ages. 493 more words


Kettlebell butt workout

This workout is for intermediate and advanced folks.

Workout intensity and overall volume are not suited for beginners. This type of workout you should do only once a week when you are fully rested and fresh. 644 more words


Kettlebell workout - Build symmetry

Basic movements are great and should be a part of every workout program. But, like you don’t want to build a house on bad foundations, you also don’t want to rush with basic exercises before you address every asymmetry you have. 356 more words


Kettlebell exercises - Legs

As I already mentioned, kettlebells are a great training tool. If you want to build muscle and/or lose weight some of this exercises should be included in your workout routine. 848 more words


Erinevaid harjutusi sangpommiga

Siin on 10 harjutust keha koomamiseks, mida saab sooritada sangpommiga. Nendel harjutustel on palju erinevaid variatsioone, koormust on võimalik suunata erinevatele lihasgruppidele. Ole loov ja pane kokku oma sangpommitreening! 148 more words


Kettlebells, One Perfect Tool for Optimal Fitness - Cosco.in

It is hard to believe but kettlebells make for the most effective exercise tool that one can have for optimal fitness. It is a versatile tool that can be used not just in one way but various ways for getting you in shape. 479 more words

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