Correction of offspring/ Koreksi dari keturunan

Day 29 Correction of offspring

With all humility I accept the correction from my children, my descendants. Correction educate me to be more loving, more serving, patient, strong, gentle, forgiving and self-control. 60 more words

Tahun Pelipatgandaan

Generation unblemished/ Generasi tak bercela

Day 28 Generation unblemished

Please raise up a generation after me, O GOD, a generation that is passionate for living with truth, clean and pure because they know YOU and live to praise YOU. 63 more words

Offspring Multiplication

The legacy for descendants/ Warisan untuk keturunan

Day 22 The legacy for descendants

What i have done today, shown by my children, is my legacy for them. A legacy of treasures can be gone, but legacy of lifestyles, there are lifestyles of holy living, of healthy living, and of victorious living is a lasting legacy that will be passed on generation to generation. 95 more words

Offspring Multiplication

Prayer for offspring/ Doa untuk keturunan

Day 21 Prayer for offspringEmpower me O GOD to pray for my children constantly, endlessly. Pray for their physical growth and development, their spiritual growth, their social environment and their future. 63 more words


The descendants of the righteous/ Keturunan orang benar

Day 7 The descendants of the righteous

Give me YOUR strength, O GOD, for me to be righteous, those who have faith in YOU, obey YOU completely. 60 more words

Offspring Multiplication

Descendants obtained by faith/ Keturunan yang diperoleh dengan iman

Day 6 Descendants obtained by faith

With my faith to you O GOD, i live, with my faith i am justified, with my faith i obtain offspring. 71 more words


Children of covenant/ Anak perjanjian

Day 5 Children of covenant

Empower me to see my children, not just as children by flesh, but even more as they are the children of YOUR covenant, O GOD, with me. 85 more words

Offspring Multiplication