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First Package from Grandma

It’s Karl and I wanted to tell you all about my first package from my Grandma. Grandma lives out in Colorado with Grandpa and Uncle Pablo. 192 more words


Treats, Treats, & More Treats!

Hi, it’s Kevin. I want to tell you about something I almost love more than my Mommy and Daddy – TREATS! Treats are delicious and are even better than my little brother. 155 more words


Trip to the Dog Park

Hi, everyone! It’s Karl again. I just love Sundays! I love that Mommy takes us to the dog park on Sunday mornings. Today we went to the dog park at the end of our morning walk. 373 more words


Sweet Potato Chews

Hi, everyone! It’s Karl again. Mommy made these DELICIOUS treats that are amazing! Mommy was on the computer looking at pictures (she says it’s called Pinterest) and found a… 279 more words


First Trip to the Dog Park

Hi, this is me, Kevin. Yes, this is my first time posting, but I wanted to tell you about my little brother’s first trip to the dog park. 402 more words


Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

Hi, this is us – Kevin and Karl. We have the best dad in the whole world and we want everyone to know! Love you, Daddy!


The Most Famous Person Named "Kevin" From Every State

For some reason, the website Estately.com posted a list of the most famous person named “Kevin” from every state.

This is great… Especially for anyone named KEVIN. 51 more words