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Siblings and their nephew 

Here’s me and Kevin with our nephew Bryce. Bryce loved Kevin’s name tag


Snow Day Fun!

Hi, it’s Kevin. Yes, I know it’s not Karl, but I am writing about something awesome – yes, SNOW! I love snow! Yesterday and today it was snowing a bunch! 143 more words


Interview with a Dad: 9 months edition

A little while ago I emailed Kevin to get some of his thoughts for a parenting post. His response was so great I thought I’d just put it here. 913 more words


Fun Day with Mommy!

Hi, it’s Karl, again. Kevin is too tired to post today so I thought I would do it for him. Today Mommy had the day off and spent it with us. 470 more words


Back to Daycare!

Hi, everyone, it’s me – Karl – again. Since the holidays are now over, Mommy decided it was time for us to go back to daycare. 340 more words


Happy New Year!

2015 is now over. It was the best year ever! Well, it’s the only year that I have ever lived, but that doesn’t matter. 2015 was full of moving to Colorado, my first Thanksgiving, my first Christmas, my first Puppuccino, and so many other things. 169 more words


My family Christmas 

Here is mom and Kevin laughing about something
Princess got her ball covered in cat nip as a gift

Mom loved her turtle gift
Rare photo of Peter laughing… 35 more words