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Viral Video: Kevin Hart Shadows David Beckham For H&M

Kevin Hart “shadows” David Beckham in a new commercial for H&M.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if this video of Kevin Hart shadowing David Beckham so he could play him in a movie was real? 14 more words


Viral Video: Kevin Spacey's Brother: The Limo Driver

Kevin Spacey’s brother is a limo-driving Rod Stewart impersonator in Idaho??!!

It’s always amusing to hear what the brothers and sisters of celebrities do because it’s usually something completely normal. 44 more words


Taking Kevin to the Bank

Hi, it’s me – Karl – again. Today is Mommy’s day off so we had to do some errands with her. Mommy needed to go to the bank to get some money out. 469 more words


First Rabies Shot

Hi, it’s me, Karl, again. Today I got my first Rabies shot! Let me tell you all about it. It all started with leaving Kevin home with Daddy. 806 more words


Phillips Phunny: Free The Bacon

Kevin Bacon apparently wants MORE male nudity in movies and TV.

Kevin Bacon did a phony PSA about “Free the Bacon”, his new campaign for more male nudity in movies and TV. 44 more words


The Pet Pantry

Hi, it’s Kevin. My favorite thing other than my family is food. I love most kinds of food (unless it is healthy for you like nasty lettuce or veggies). 301 more words


Taking Big Brother to the Vet

Hi, there! It’s Karl. Today Mommy took Kevin and I to the vet. This time it wasn’t my appointment. Today was my big brother’s annual visit to make sure he is┬áhealthy. 835 more words