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The Farce of Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission

By William Annett

This is a two-year update. Three years ago, when a UN committee gave Canada a slap on the wrist for its treatment of indigenous people, a stalwart response followed from Justice Murray Sinclair, Chairman of Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) in the form of a photo-op and an “interim report” at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. 1,488 more words


Applying Shih knowledge to the present situation and struggle

From ITCCS.org
By Kevin Annett
August 15, 2015

Whoever grasps and holds onto the essential energy (shih) of a situation will control the outcome of any battle and the fate of any opponent, no matter how powerful they are. 3,701 more words

Spy vs. Spy vs. Spy

There can be no greater satisfaction on a job well done than to see the profiteering so-called ‘gurus’ of the truth movement outing each other as agents of various covert federal agencies.   939 more words

Kevin Annett

Kevin Annett: Systematic Genocide and the Silent Revolution

Published on Jun 22, 2015

Kevin Annett has taken on the root of corruption, those who have been immune from the law: the Queen, the Pope and other corrupt leaders around the world can no longer hide. 40 more words

The curious case of Dr. Ortner

When APTN aired it’s investigative report, Unmarked Graves, a huge microscope swung it’s lenses onto the stage Kevin Annett had been standing on for nearly 20 years. 850 more words

Kevin Annett

Heather Martin reblogged this on Kevin Annett Must Be Stopped and commented:

The curious case of Dr. Ortner resurfaces today as I discover that I have been named as a potential murderer by Kevin Annett who states in a terrible show dated May 3rd, 2015. I say terrible because to listen to poor Lori being dragged into recounting just what happened at Brantford was painful and cringe-worthy. Kevin made a very deliberate attempt to insinuate that I somehow had something to do with the pre-eminent scientists death, while casually making reference to me as 'some woman' and my blog, "StopKevinAnnett.com". Listen at 30:00 minutes here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvT-pEJFG6Y Here's what Kevin said: "after that happened, I contacted a guy called Dr. Don Ortner, he's a senior forensic pathologist, or was, before he died, um, at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, and his specialty was, uh, analyzing, uh, um...from bone remains, cause of death. So he'd be exactly what we need because a lot of these kids were exposed to tuberculosis and died and that shows up in bone remains. Now I sent off that bone that Greg Olson had looked at to Don Ortner. I got two emails from him and I talked to him on the phone once, uh the first one was: "Uh, I haven't really looked at the bone, it looks like an animal to me." Second communication he said, "Well I've looked at it longer and frankly it could be either. It's too small to tell I'd have to come and look at more of these." And I said, "would you do that?", and he said "sure, I'd be willing to come up". Now that was in late January 2012, and he died of a heart attack in April. You can read into that whatever you like, uh, but what I found interesting was the usual smear, StopKevinAnnett.com and these other sites that just kinda smear us...About a couple of weeks before Don Ortner died, this woman, uh, whose always going on about what a horrible man I am, said, "And all that stuff he's claiming about Dr. Don Ortner, he's never going to testify about any of this stuff"....AND THEN HE'S DEAD. Now, you know I just found that interesting, it's almost as if she knew the guy was going to die because, well my personal theory is that these are government funded smear sites. And I think SOMETHING HAPPENED TO DON ORTNER, but that's just my personal opinion, I don't have any proof about that." Well of course this is just ridiculous, because unless I had a time machine and could go back to when Kevin (allegedly) made contact with Dr. Ortner...in fact to when Kevin conducted the dig....I suppose I could have boarded a plane to Washington, made an appointment to see Dr. Ortner and slip him the old Spy vs. Spy heart-attack cocktail in his coffee. That MUST be what happened to make Kevin draw such a well-educated conclusion such as this. Everyone who disagrees with him MUST be an agent (and a paid one at that). Strange that for a guy who boasts that he never has to pay income tax, he sure is jealous over the money those state paid agents make. In any case I decided to bring the matter to Kevin's attention, seeing as he has taken to making shit up as he goes along again about Dr. Ortner, and of course people like Andy Peacher who run this radio program feel he is in fine form. But I bet if I asked Lori how playing happy homemaker to the biggest joke in Truther History is going....I think the truth might finally be revealed. You see, a woman knows another womans' tone of voice and what that means and when you hear Lori answer the questions (at about 4 minutes into the show) being asked by her hubby Kevin, any woman in the world would know the sound that hatred makes. Of course, like most men, Kevin would miss the subtle cues of seething rage in her responses, her disgust and impatience with him. It was painfully obvious there was somewhere she would have rather have been than on that show that day....anything would be better than jumping through Kevin's hoops like a little circus dog. And, so, I sent my correspondence to her as well, hoping that there is a tipping point there somewhere where she will get fed up with his bullshit, come clean with all his lies and finally put an end to his long-con and kick him out of his 'undisclosed location' in the attic of her house. [caption id="attachment_1585" align="aligncenter" width="651"]Kevin Annett reporting from his 'Undisclosed' location in the attic of Lori's house. Kevin Annett reporting from his 'Undisclosed' location in the attic of Lori's house.[/caption] Of course Kevin refused to answer any of my questions, or respond to any of the points I made. I really didn't expect any kind of intelligent answer and I as usual, I wasn't disappointed.

Canada’s genocide against 50,000 First Nation children. Truth and Reconciliation Commission report is a whitewash

Posted on Global Research, June 4, 2015
By Dr. Gary G. Kohls

“They have lost their legal and moral right to exist …” – Brussels Tribunal… 984 more words

Eyewitness to Ninth Circle Satanic Cult rituals describes ceremony and confirms Kevin Annett's research

Left: A photograph of Peter Alexander Chernoff

Peter Alexander Chernoff who confessed to the Police he had kidnapped 10 year old Kevin Collins, and supplied him to a cult within the Bohemian Grove to be sacrificed; made the below comments. 950 more words