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The Pope: Idol Worship, Ninth Circle Rituals, Child Trafficking & more HR2

During the conversation I had with Kevin Annett, he shares insight on things that take place behind the scenes in reference to the Pope.

Kevin believes that Pope Francis should be arrested for multiple crimes including child trafficking. 30 more words

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The Farce of Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission

By William Annett

This is a two-year update. Three years ago, when a UN committee gave Canada a slap on the wrist for its treatment of indigenous people, a stalwart response followed from Justice Murray Sinclair, Chairman of Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) in the form of a photo-op and an “interim report” at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. 1,488 more words


Applying Shih knowledge to the present situation and struggle

From ITCCS.org
By Kevin Annett
August 15, 2015

Whoever grasps and holds onto the essential energy (shih) of a situation will control the outcome of any battle and the fate of any opponent, no matter how powerful they are. 3,701 more words

Spy vs. Spy vs. Spy

There can be no greater satisfaction on a job well done than to see the profiteering so-called ‘gurus’ of the truth movement outing each other as agents of various covert federal agencies.   939 more words

Kevin Annett

Kevin Annett: Systematic Genocide and the Silent Revolution

Published on Jun 22, 2015

Kevin Annett has taken on the root of corruption, those who have been immune from the law: the Queen, the Pope and other corrupt leaders around the world can no longer hide. 40 more words